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the purpose of these regulations is to address these vulnerabilities and establish a higher level of accountability and responsibility among medical device manufacturers. in addition to our expertise in healthcare and medical device software testing, we offer a wide range of services to bolster cybersecurity. under the cbom, manufacturers of medical devices will need to attest to the accuracy of a comprehensive list of software and hardware components utilized in their devices. the consequences of cyberattacks on medical devices are grave and can have a significant impact on patient safety and healthcare institutions. it is imperative that the medical profession prioritizes the security and safety of networked medical devices. by implementing these measures, healthcare providers can protect patient safety and ensure the reliability of these essential networked medical devices. given the critical nature of medical devices and the potential risks posed by cybersecurity breaches, it is important for manufacturers to integrate proper security tools directly into the design and production of these devices. the main factor contributing to the vulnerabilities in medical devices is the lack of security prioritization from manufacturers. security testing: given the sensitivity of medical data and the potential impact of cybersecurity threats, testing for security vulnerabilities is essential. common medical device vulnerabilities encompass a range of issues that can compromise the safety, privacy, and effectiveness of medical devices.