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with this recipe, you’re making a quick cake batter in a bowl and then pouring that into the skillet. now, i have to share a funny story with you that makes me giggle every time i think of it: i was once doing a radio interview about my cookbook and they invited the live audience to call in. this should be made in an oven-safe skillet (iron skillets) i just pulled it out of the oven and it’s looking good. i made this tonight in a cake pan and it was so delicious! i’m so glad to hear how much you and your family enjoyed this cake ???? i’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the cake – love the modification you made, i bet the hint of lemon would work so good! of erythritol, and it was a sloppy mess that didnt even resemble a cake…its more like a topping for cake at this point.

i have made it several times and also have had the problem of undercooked crust and middle. i made this recipe early this morning to serve for breakfast. when i attempted to slice it (it did kind of slice) and put it on the plates, there was no cakiness about it. i’ve made this cake a bunch of times and have never had the issues you had, also i’ve never heard that feedback in any of the comments, so i’d love to help try and figure out what went wrong. i made it last weekend for a party, and it was a hit, but i made a mess of my counter when i dumped it to cook on a rack. yes, you could definitely use a smallerish baking dish (like a brownie or pie pan) to make this ???? i am so happy to hear that – i love this cake in the summertime because it’s so easy and delicious. any recipe that can be whipped up in minutes is the perfect recipe to try!

part of it is the color, but so much of their appeal is the distinctive, purely sweet blueberry flavor. blueberries are fantastic baked into a pie or galette and countless other fruit dessert recipes. and they’re bound to improve even the humblest muffin or roll. but blueberry recipes don’t have to stop at sweets and desserts. blueberries add more than just a pop of color and a delicious flavor. if you’ve got a pint (or a quart) of fresh blueberries, and you’re looking for ways to use them, here are 30 of our favorite recipes. make this easy and versatile cobbler all season long by swapping in seasonal fruits.

blueberry pancakes are a breakfast classic. lemon and blueberry are a classic pancake combo for a reason. this unforgettable combination of cheesecake and blueberry pie creates a melt-in-your mouth texture. top it with a pie crust heart for a creation that’s almost too cute to eat! balsamic vinegar adds a tartness to blueberries for a complex flavor that will impress even the pickiest dinner guest. thanks to this scrumptious recipe, we’d have to agree—tangy berries compliment the floral aroma perfectly. this savory panini is just further proof that the unexpected combination of blueberry and balsamic is actually meant to be.

this easy blueberry crumble recipe with perfectly cooked blueberries topped with a buttery oat crumble is high on our list of favorites. this 5 ingredient blueberry skillet dump cake is the easy dessert recipe you’ve been waiting to enjoy and is perfect for berry season! delicious blueberry cobbler with only 6 simple ingredients. turns out well with fresh or frozen blueberries. serve warm with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream., .

celebrate blueberry season 1. topless blueberry pie. fresh, plump blueberries are bathed in a blueberry sauce and nestled in a prebaked pie 24 best blueberry desserts (+ easy recipes) 1. blueberry crumb cake 2. blueberry buckle 3. old fashioned blueberry cobbler 4. blueberry dump, .

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