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i for one, have been guilty of some and i don’t plan to stop anytime soon. in my defense though, i had the best of intentions of staying true to the original, but things didn’t work so well. typically, i would grind a handful of pistachios and scatter them all over the top, but when the color is that vibrant, how could i cover it up? if you would like to republish a recipe, please rewrite it in your own words and link back to the recipe page on my site. i’ve been trying to get it right for so long, but i’m finally happy with the results. but i know just the blog for you if you’re interested in sohour recipes. i just use the pre-shredded kind and it works really well. hello, i just came along this recipe and would love to try it.i have a question in regards to the mozzarella type is it the hard or soft fresh one ( the one used for caprese salad?). as for the semolina, it’s only a very small amount to barely thicken it, but if it concerns you, i guess you could simply increase the amount of cornstarch enough to get the right consistency. thank you for the heads up and suggestions, i think i will go with grandma’s balah el sham! i used to live in oakville, but would always head to mississauga for the middle eastern stuff. i have yet to test it out and find out which is it.. but, it’s safe to say that either way you have a subscriber and i’m all about what you’re about brother (sister?) i have searched long and hard to find a kunafah recipe worth it’s name that is not in arabic, and this here is a god send! my palestinian neighbor loved it too and asked for the recipe so i shared the link to this recipe!

for my father to say “this is probably the best kunafa i ever ate” … means it was really good! sometimes i even make 1/4 of the recipe in a 6inch cake pan if i don’t need that much and it turns out fantastic! i’ll be making this at a baking competition at my school and was wondering what the serving size is for this recipe so i know how much i need to make! i make it with a combo of ricotta and “sweet cheese” —found in arab/persian store in the states….sadly, not available in egypt. i made this for the eid this weekend and it was amaaaazing! so i recommend trying it out and you’ll definitely notice an improvement. when it comes to kunafa, i agree with you that good quality akkawi cheese can’t be beat…that is if you can find it. i live in london and it is impossible for me to find it anywhere. hi i’m in london now and i ordered it from here it arrived promptly and i will try the recipe this week /products/homemade-kataifi-kadaifi-pastry-1kg?gclid=cjwkcajwh472brageiwavhvfguf4n-9afpxwirjfsacmot44bi8w_sav00fjbxozi4vbr9lkvt1x9boc2c8qavd_bwe thanks for this recipe! i baked it for one hour and when i cut it i can still see the dives of my cheese inside! when it came i transferred the kunafa in the new pan and was ready to put it on the oven. do you know what type of kunafe is served with cream and if yes, do you know how to make the cream? it was my first time so i searched , watched videos and ask some of my middle eastern friends for recipe. i’m obsessed with perfecting dessert recipes so you don’t have to.

this kunafa recipe is going to not only introduce you to the best middle eastern dessert ever, but also show you how incredibly easy it is to make! kataifi dough is also used in various other desserts like baklava, and you can typically find it in the frozen section of your local middle eastern shop. the semolina dough, which has a smooth texture, is referred to as knafeh na’ameh and it originates from the city of nablus in palestine. traditionally, akawi cheese is used, and it is a very salty cheese so it requires soaking for hours to get rid of the salt. i mix this cream with the cheese to add a lot more creaminess and decadence. then mix it with the can of thick cream and set aside.

use the back of a cup to really pack in the dough and bring it up along the sides so it forms an edge. finally, spread over the rest of the kataifi dough to cover the cheese completely and press it down lightly. you can make the same amount as me (9 inch one and 6 small ones), or you can use a larger 12 inch circular sheet pan to make one big one. it has a crunchy exterior, with a gooey and cheese interior. you would have to visit your local middle eastern shop and look for it in the freezer aisle – you will definitely find it there. you can also hop on over to instagram and say hello! hope you enjoy your stay – and please – have a look around and get in touch!

mozzarella: kunafa is traditionally made with a “sweet cheese” or nabulsi/akkawi. unfortunately, those options aren’t available everywhere. a not-so-authenic cheese kunafa made with everyone’s favorite mozzarella cheese! crunchy shredded pastry filled with an ooey gooey mixture kunafa is a middle eastern dessert made using shredded phyllo dough stuffed with cheese topped with sugar syrup and garnished with nuts., .

authentically, the best cheese for kunafa is usually akkawi cheese. this cheese is chewy and a little salty so it strikes a nice balance between so what is kunafa? it is a glorious confection of soft melty cheese (or cream), sandwiched with shredded phyllo dough, and soaked in a rose for kunafa: ½ kg. mozzarella cheese; 250 gms. semolina; 2 tsps. orange blossom water; 2 tsps. of rose water; 100 gms. butter; for the syrup: 2 cups sugar, .

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