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the supermarkets are overflowing with fresh summer cherries and you’ve probably bought way more cherries than what you could possibly eat. so it’s time to put some of them to good use and make this beautiful french cherry clafoutis! the perfect excuse to dust off your french cookbook (or visit international cuisine blogs, like yours truly!) so let’s get the hard to pronounce part out of the way and learn to pronounce clafoutis: klah/foo/tee. it is very easy to make and you get to use your blender. i mean, i’m sure julia child would prefer you worked your good old muscles by doing it by hand, with a whisk. or else he’s going to start realizing that we do not need to have two blenders in the house… so, yeah… use your blender! or make it by hand, if you prefer. it is typically served as dessert, but i like it better for brunch. or, if i’d really like to serve it as dessert, i’d make sure to add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top. i think julia child would eat me alive right now, a la the devil wears prada. but i stand by my opinion.

and the fact that it is so easy to make means it’s as easy as whipping up some pancakes. now, as equipped as my kitchen is, there is one gadget i do not own: a cherry pitter (which is good for olives too). i just tend to be a little dramatic (and impatient)! but i highly recommend using the gadget, if you have one. if you happened to find this post after cherry season is long gone, do not fret! i think if you make a clafoutis with something other than cherries, the proper name is flaugnarde. i haven’t even been to france. most of this deep knowledge that you see at olivia’s cuisine is fruit of great research. whatever you do, do not over bake your cherry clafoutis. you want it to be melting in your mouth creamy, so once the custard is just set and a toothpick (or knife) emerge relatively (not totally!) but i would have preferred it a bit creamier. so whether for brunch, dessert or bastille day picnic, i hope you guys give this a try! here you will find easy, (sometimes) exotic recipes that will bring excitement to your table!

its terrible how little i like to talk about this, how fearful even the most level-headed of us can be of jinxing out all the good in the world by bringing it up. what’s untraditional about this clafoutis is the inclusion of butter (originally 8 tablespoons but i find 6 to be a better level) but if you ask me, it makes all the difference. two days after the wedding, when i was starting to awaken from the exhaustion, i found three pounds of them tucked into our refrigerator drawer as a surprise. i like the idea of leaving the pits in because that saves me a ton of work – and the whole cherries look more gorgeous. i melt the butter and it goes in the bottom of the baking dish, fruit goes on top of that and then the batter on top of that. i’ve made it twice in the last 48 hours- once for a baby shower, and once for a family dinner. i am experiencing just that right now and think that if i talk about it too much, i’ll jinx all the good. i will update the recipe with a few suggestions. i also added just a little almond extract to the vanilla, because i pitted the cherries and i love the complimentary flavor. personally, the next time i make this i’m going to cut down the butter slightly, because it was a little over-the-top rich. bec – this has become my go-to clafoutis recipe, and i had fortunately saved it in an email (glad i did — i too was dismayed moments ago to discover the link was broken!). the below recipe is the same as what was available through the link, with a few of my notes added. i tried this recipe and it was a disaster! but i definitely pit and freeze cherries just to be able to make this during the winter. although if it turns out the only reason to leave them in is laziness, i am totally ok with that. i had wanted to try this for years but always wanted to snack on the cherries that i purchased instead of baking with them.

i just made this with gooseberries and a splash of a clear, fruity schnapps…so good! i have made the original recipe many times and it is always delicious. filled in the rest with oregon blueberries and it seems to be a winning combination! i added more cherries so that the 8×8 pyrex dish had a tight layer of them. made this this evening to use up the last of a bag of cherries and it was scrumptious! i didn’t have almond extract so i used vanilla, and i misread the time and kept it in the oven for 35 minutes. made this a couple of weeks ago and it was divine. i have wanted to make a clafoutis for awhile and when i got an abundance of sweet cherries at the farm market i finally made my move. i made this with my two kids reading the instructions, gathering the ingredients, and doing most of the legwork. i have never had clafoutis before, but it was almost like a baked custard kind of taste and texture to me. i’ve been dying to make this for a long time and finally got around to it today. in the spirit of science, i made this with cherries with the pit left in and without almond extract to see if i could taste that flavour. it is the second time i made this recipe. i am allergic to cherries but can’t resist any dessert that is described as flan-like, so made this with a cup of blueberries instead and it’s delightful. i was surprised there is no baking powder or soda in the recipe. i made this without the almond extract or rum, because i didn’t have either, and with pits in.

this simple and classic french cherry clafoutis recipe features fresh cherries baked in a custard with slivered almonds. dust lightly with powdered sugar. what is cherry clafoutis? super-creamy and custardy in texture, it’s almost like a cross between flan and cake. the main ingredients: sugar, ingredients 4 large eggs 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1/2 tablespoon kirsch liquor (optional), .

a traditional limousin clafoutis contains unpitted cherries. the pits contain amygdalin, the chemical that makes almond extract taste what we delicious cherry clafoutis is one of our favorite french desserts, with a creamy, custard-like texture and sweet bites of cherries throughout. cherry clafoutis is a simple peasant dessert from the limousin region in france. it features the stone fruit baked in a dish with a, .

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