chocolate covered strawberry cake

the cake layers are filled with three layers chopped strawberries and strawberry buttercream and two layers of chocolate ganache. to finish it off, it’s covered in more strawberry buttercream and a chocolate drip! add the chocolate mixture to the butter mixture and mix together until well combined. it adds volume to the frosting and helps make it the right consistency for frosting a cake and piping with it. finally, add the remainder of the powdered sugar and any additional cream needed to get the right consistency of frosting. the chocolate cake is tender and moist, the strawberry frosting with pops of fresh strawberry add lots of flavor, and the chocolate ganache adds that little touch that makes it just like eating a chocolate covered strawberry.

6. add the chocolate mixture to batter and mix until combined. add the chocolate chips to a small bowl. 15. add the butter and shortening to a large mixer bowl and beat until smooth and creamy. add a third layer of strawberry frosting and fresh strawberries and then top off the cake with the last layer of chocolate cake. 28. use the remainder of the chocolate ganache to add the chocolate drip to the cake. i consider myself a decent baker and just learning how to decorate, but i found this pretty challenging. should i lower the temp on my oven to try and get a more moist cake?

moist chocolate cake, fresh strawberry buttercream, drippy chocolate ganache, and a gorgeous chocolate-dipped strawberry complete these romantic desserts. *sniiiiiiff* sorry if i got a bit fresh right now, it’s just that looooove is in the air and i’m in a valentine’s day state of mind! i added lots of strawberry puree to the frosting, to give it a bright, authentic taste. then the cakes are coated with a dripping layer of chocolate ganache, and finished with a chocolate-dipped strawberry. the recipe makes five 3-layer cakes that are only about 4 inches wide, so it’s not an overwhelming amount of dessert, and their small, portable size makes them easy to share with your favorites. even if it is total calories for all 5 cakes and a serving is 1/2 cake, it would still be 35,000 calories per serving. i would just suggest placing the strawberries on the cake just before you are ready to serve them!

i would love to hear how it goes, and see pictures! i would say they are about five inches and maybe six inches once you have added the berry. check it out here: the nutrition facts say that they are 1200+ calories; this is for one whole mini-cake and not just one slice right? if i wanted to make this vanilla would i just take out the cocoa powder and brown sugar? i would recommend using a vanilla cake recipe instead of trying to adapt this one. i made this months ago for my nieces and kids (with the pandemic we did mass birthdays the few times we saw eachother to celebrate all of them at once since it was hard to travel). i did a strawberry swiss meringue buttercream but otherwise used the recipe here.

this cake starts with tender, moist chocolate cake layers. the cake layers are filled with three layers chopped strawberries and strawberry dip a strawberry in the ganache until it is nearly covered, then remove it and let excess drip back into the pan. prop it up on top of the cake, this chocolate covered strawberry cake is an ultra-rich and fudgy chocolate cake that’s filled with a silky ganache and fresh strawberries., .

strawberry cake is jam-packed with flavor from tangy strawberry gelatin to rich chocolate frosting. this chocolate covered strawberry cake is a layered brownie cake. it is topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and a chocolate drip. chocolate covered strawberry cake step 1: mix flour, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. step 2: mix in oil, buttermilk, vanilla, eggs,, .

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