cinnamon stars

slowly sift in the confectioner’s sugar, continuing to beat until the mixture is stiff. set aside 1/3 cup of the egg white mixture for the glaze. the taste of these is wonderful, very light and cinnamony. it was very gooey at first, so i put it in the fridge without a cover and let it set for awhile and it became much more manageable. ground almonds and 2/3 c. almond powder (from the asian market) – gave it a delicious ameretto flavor. i also found that my glaze turned brown, and i know my oven bakes on the hot side, so i made sure the oven light was off and reduced the temp and cooking time. the last batch i cooked for 15 minutes at 315 degrees, and they were just barely starting to brown. we added the cinamon and a 1/4 teaspoon of cloves into the egg mixture instead of into the nuts. did not use any lemon zest or lemon jusice, otherwise followed the recipe and got good reviews from the family! i used the ground almond from the bulk barn and found the dough to be a little crumbly rather than gooey, almost like pie crust (but not greasy). i was afraid of overbaking, so i may have under baked, but mine came out a bit chewy. i’ve made this recipe for close to 30 years without the lemon juice or zest, i leave it out as i’m allergic.

i put the glaze on half way through the cooking time and i bake for only 15 minutes. i also bake these at a much lower temperature only 175. i had a co-worker of mine bring these in and they were to die for. i keep thinking i made it wrong even tho’ the dough remains the same consistency no matter what version is tried…. the dough is not tough or stiff or rollable, it’s all around ‘marshmallow goo’…am i doing something wrong ? but i wish the recipe was a little more specific on the almonds, because it did not occur to me until i started making them that i should probably be using raw almonds, not roasted salted! some reviewers are saying to bake for half the time recommended in the recipe, but mine definitely needed a full 20 min. i wonder if it’s the difference between using finely ground almonds/almond flour that you would buy in the store vs. grinding your own…? the dough was a little bit sticky, but you can work with it quite well. i would recommend putting them in the oven for a shorter time, like 15 minutes. anyway, they taste very good! came out great – i rolled the dough out between 2 sheets of parchment paper and used powdered sugar for the work surface to cut out the stars. second batch i reduced temp and still too long. from all the recipes i’ve tried this one is the best – by far! yes, it is quite sticky, but i usually have to let it sit for a while anyway and that makes it just perfect!

it’s that time of year to roll up your sleeves and get ready to fill your kitchen and home with the aroma of christmas baking! and those traditional german baked goodies are the ones i’m forever biased towards come christmastime. an ingredient this recipe calls for that you may not be familiar with is vanillezucker (vanilla sugar). why no american manufacturer makes i’ll never understand – sometimes in baking you need that touch of vanilla flavor without adding any liquid (i.e. you can easily make your own and a great cost-saving way to do that is to use the discarded vanilla beans of homemade vanilla extract, but it’s much more convenient to have these packets on hand. beat the egg whites until peaks form (be careful not to over-beat or the frosting won’t turn out right). add the nuts, cinnamon and vanilla sugar. beat until the mixture is combined and comes together in a fairly stiff but pliable mass. this is the second time i’ve made this.

i baked for 30 minutes, “until set” but not sure what the means. as a native of germany living in the us i have been looking high and low for an authentic zimtsterne recipe. this is the one! when i baked a second batch the ‘meringue’ top browned much faster and never got puffy. the first batch was done with a confectioners sugar not having cornstarch listed snd turned out perfectly. thanks also for the feedback about the confectioner’s sugar. i just made your zimtsterne and they are very good but also very different from the ones i used to make (i lost the recipe). i think next time i will double the cinnamon and cut the vanilla sugar in half. i’m kimberly and i share delicious originals, revitalized classics and authentic dishes from around the world.

zimtsterne, or german cinnamon stars, are a light, gluten free cookie which make fabulous culinary gifts and keep for weeks. ingredients 2 ⅔ cups finely ground almonds 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon lemon zest ⅓ cup egg whites ⅛ teaspoon salt 2 ½ cups confectioners’ these german “cinnamon star” cookies are made almost entirely of ground nuts – traditionally almonds but also commonly combined with hazelnuts., zimtsterne history, zimtsterne history, zimtsterne cookie cutter, zimtsterne recipe swiss, winternacht cinnamon star cookies.

ingredients deselect all 15 ounces sliced almonds, with skin (about 4 1/2 cups) 1 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon 3 large egg whites, room temperature 2 known as zimtsterne in germany, these festive star-shaped cookies are made from a nut meringue that’s rolled and cut, then iced with a mixture of egg white these german cinnamon stars are a delicious holiday treat. made from cinnamon and ground almond – with no flour at all – these cookies come out sweet and chewy., gluten free cinnamon star cookies, cinnamon almond meringue stars, vegan zimtsterne recipe, cinnamon star bread.

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