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climate risk services template is a climate risk services sample that gives infomration on climate risk services design and format. when designing climate risk services example, it is important to consider climate risk services template style, design, color and theme. climate risk services provides products and services that help financial institutions and corporates accelerate the transition to a greener world by addressing real-world adaptation and implementation challenges.​ our analytics platform makes climate data accessible and interactive climate data, including comprehensive science-based risk scoring to help you understand your exposure to physical hazards, their likelihood, and their potential impacts. our platform is optimised for financial institutions managing large investment portfolios, and corporates performing risk assessments for their production sites and supply chain. we assist organisations in engaging with climate and nature related issues, developing climate-resilient and nature-positive strategies, and exploring plausible transition pathways.

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we assist organisations in achieving regulatory compliance in the jurisdictions where they operate, and ensure alignment with industry-standard disclosure frameworks, such as the tcfd and tnfd recommendations. we embed climate and nature risk within organisations, aligning everything from strategic decision-making to day-to-day processes with science-based targets. we facilitate scenario planning and strategy formation to help you maintain business continuity across various transition pathways.​ we offer bespoke training to embed climate and nature risk into key processes, empowering teams to adopt effective operational practices.​ we have experience working with clients in the international financial sector, including emerging markets, as well as helping corporates in various sectors such as mining, agriculture, and food & beverages.

the evaluation of physical climate risks and financial quantification empowers your business to comprehend the impact of climate change on its assets and economic endeavors—both in the present and across near, mid, or long-term horizons. riverine or fluvial flood is one of the most loss driving perils and is severely impacted by climate change. the score is developed based on changes in total precipitation and extreme precipitation overlayed with swiss re’s global flood maps. the metrics used is the absolute change in 1 day extreme precipitation and 3 day extreme precipitation as indicated by the global climate models. winter precipitation describes changes in precipitation amount during the months december, january, and february.

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the indicator combines the historical wildfire exposure with changes in future precipitation and temperature patterns. the heat wave score is based on a combination of the absolute change in heat wave duration and absolute change in heat wave frequency. this widely reducing risk is measured by the number of freezing days. climate risk specialists support you in making your insights actionable by accessing the vast knowledge of swiss re’s risk engineering services. we have a vested interest in making our customers more resilient and supporting them in managing the impacts of climate change proactively.

where financial providers will finance the re- and upskilling of america’s workforce. where citizens and firms will view financial services players as the leaders of new, multitrillion-dollar markets focused on preserving our planet: building green products and services, harnessing clean energy sources, reversing emissions, and adapting infrastructure to more extreme weather. deloitte can help you navigate climate risk preparedness to drive a more human-centered future of financial services and ensure you’re adhering to new regulations and making smart investment decisions. in a future where firms’ success will be deeply intertwined with their social impact, deloitte’s financial services industry specialists have the experience and insight to help forward-looking clients lead the way in a human-centered economy.

the role of financial services in the economy and society is evolving. it’s the promise of human-centered capitalism, and our investment management industry professionals can help you rise to the occasion. we customize our services to fit the specific regional, national, and global needs of owners, operators, investment advisers, property managers, leasing operators, and occupiers. this message will not be visible when page is activated.+++ do not use this fragment without explicit approval from the creative studio development team +++ deloitte platforms navigation. certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.