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clinical risk template is a clinical risk sample that gives infomration on clinical risk design and format. when designing clinical risk example, it is important to consider clinical risk template style, design, color and theme. this results in a range of opportunities for improved care, but also increases the risk of adverse events and patient harm. our primary aim was to develop an instrument that allows for continuous monitoring of the current state and planned developments of crm in hospitals. therefore, the instrument provides a more accurate view of crm in both the hospital as a whole and for services within the hospital. we considered it as one of the most comprehensive standards for rm and most applicable to the hospital environment. the draft version of the monitoring instrument was adjusted according to the input from crm practitioners and prepared for a pilot evaluation. interviews focused on a structured review of the survey results in comparison to their subjective perspective on crm in their hospital and future developments pertaining to crm. it allows for the assessment of the current state and planned developments of crm in hospitals. the monitoring instrument developed in this study attempts to fill that gap by providing a systematic and comprehensive overview of crm and a baseline for future developments by monitoring the current situation and planned developments of crm in hospitals [21]. this profile may aid in prioritization, development and implementation of interventions tailored to the development stages of a particular hospital. in the identification of well-established and problematic crm practices), supporting exchange, and coordinating different crm interventions. results of the empirical application will allow a deeper understanding of the development stages of crm and their progression in hospitals.

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as this might change in the future, this instrument could be used as part of a comprehensive rm assessment [51]. 2005, [clinical risk management: implications, methods and recommendations for the management of clinical risks in hospitals]. the journal of hospital infection. journal of the american medical association. [risk management for organizations: what is the benefit of the new norms?]. levesque da, prochaska jm, prochaska jo, dewart sr, hamby ls, weeks wb: organizational stages and processes of change for continuous quality improvement in health care. safety management: the challenge of change. [normative basis for the certification of acute-somatic hospitals and long-term care institutions]. vincent c, taylor-adams s: the investigation and analysis of clinical incidents. the new england journal of medicine. 2 the project ”risk management in swiss hospitals as social innovation: development of a monitoring-instrument for risk management activities and recommendations for successful implementation” (kti 8614.1 espp-es) was funded by the swiss commission for technology and innovation (kti). assessing hospitals’ clinical risk management: development of a monitoring instrument.