coconut dessert recipes

it comes both sweetened and unsweetened and the difference can make or break your recipe. canned cream of coconut gives the cake a wonderfully rich flavor that works just perfectly in cheesecake. it also starts with a cake mix for quick and easy preparation. this delicious brazilian chocolate cake tastes just like a prestigio, a popular candy bar in brazil. try pineapple coconut chess pie for a tropical twist on the classic creamy pie. a frozen pie crust works just fine for this recipe, and par-baking it first ensures it doesn’t get soggy on the bottom. the coconut will get toasty and brown as they bake for a lightly caramelized flavor. italian cream cake is really a classic southern dessert suitable for any special occasion. blend mellow vegan chocolate and sweet coconut for a delicately delicious truffle that tastes great dipped in melted white, dark, or milk chocolate.

dust a little flaked coconut over the top before the covering fully solidifies for a prettier presentation. a coconut-studded shortbread crust combined with a creamy lime filling has a lovely contrast and a delicious tropical taste. this awesome pie has that name for a reason: the blend of shredded coconut, crushed pineapple, chopped nuts, and sweetened condensed milk has earned a cult following. popular in canada, nanaimo bars make a lovely no-bake recipe for any bake sale or special event. this recipe also includes baking instructions for a firmer texture, if you prefer. coconut and chocolate and are a delicious combination, and they come together beautifully in this german chocolate pie. for a jiggly, wiggly coconut pudding, try trembleque de coco. it needs just an hour in the fridge to set up, so give yourself a little time for it to solidify. coconut and chocolate come together for delicious bites that work great as gifts or a quick snack.

with a browned butter-pecan shortbread crust, these bars are anything but ordinary. with a crisp, toasty exterior and fluffy center, these bite-sized desserts are the perfect addition to any dessert spread. with layers of crisp chocolate-swirled meringue and coconut cream, its delicate flavors match its bold flavors. this recipe may be over 100 years old, but it’s stood the test of time. this elegant layer cake with fluffy coconut sponge, pineapple filling, and rich cream cheese frosting bursts with tropical flavors. this take on ambrosia salad doesn’t call for any marshmallow or whipped cream, instead letting the flavors of all the fresh fruit and sweet coconut shine through.

complete with a layer of toasted coconut and pecan crumble, these shortcakes are the perfect way to reimagine banana bread. a refrigerated pie crust makes it easy, and the whipped cream and toasted coconut make it stunning. we love dessert bars for their ease and portability, and these lemon-coconut chess bars combine all of our favorite flavors into one small package. coconut oil is the secret to lots of vegan desserts, and this vegan-friendly banana bread recipe combines coconut oil with tahini and sesame seeds for a unique crunch. plus, this no-bake dessert will be ready in a snap. coconut cream gives this chocolate fondue its smooth, silky texture. top with lots of coconut-pecan frosting to mingle with all those rich chocolate flavors.

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