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if you can get the flavors to balance, cranberries are a fantastic addition. frozen will likely make the chocolate seize as they thaw, and the juices will seep over the top, causing a bit of a mess. to ensure that the bitter taste isn’t too much, you’ll use a mixture of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff to make the filling. you’ll start with a quick almond and cinnamon shortbread recipe, half of which is pressed into a lined pan before being baked until it just starts to turn brown. traditional shortbread is a quick blend of flour, butter, and sugar. the recipe also calls for a lemon glaze, which i found to be too sour in addition to the cranberries. but some genius decided to include a velvety layer of cream cheese and white chocolate frosting.

you’ll more or less start by making a quick cranberry sauce with butter, white and brown sugar, and plenty of fresh berries. but you have to admit that it can be a little boring. if you have a crowd to feed, you can’t go wrong with one of these sensational trifle recipes. keep in mind that the fruit needs to be thawed and drained. top your slice with a dollop of orange whipped cream and some chocolate shavings. i love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book! i love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book!

fresh: store fresh cranberries in the fridge and rinse them in cold running water just before you use them in a recipe. frozen: thaw and drain before folding frozen cranberries into a batter. if you’re going to use dried cranberries without plumping them up, dust them with a little flour before folding them into your batter to keep them from sinking to the bottom as your dessert bakes. if you want to distribute the flavor of cranberry a little more throughout, you can chop the cranberries before adding them to the mix. ‘the cranberry glaze is a really beautiful color, and the sugared cranberries are the perfect topping. instead just open a can of cranberry sauce (the chunky kind, not the jelly) and enjoy!

very moist and tasty…..i added a orange glaze to the top made with powdered sugar and orange juice….it was a good complement to the cranberry. the filling is simply cranberries sweetened with sugar and thickened with flour (or you could use cornstarch, if you prefer) and topped with a walnut and brown sugar streusel. “i doubled the brandy, and used the zest and juice of a whole orange.” they’re simple and comforting, and in this version, fresh cranberries add a delicious tang to every bite. “this cake is very delicious, moist, and not to mention absolutely beautiful,” says reviewer ggglitch. many reviewers agree this pie is on the tart side, so adjust the sweetness to your taste.

20 easy cranberry desserts 1. dark chocolate cranberry bundt cake 2. cranberry almond cake 3. cranberry white chocolate bark 4. no-bake tart cranberries, sweet buttery cake, and a fantastic texture all i made nine different desserts for a thanksgiving event the first year, .

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