creme fraiche dessert

the crème fraîche is spread atop the cake in the form of a glaze, which is flavored with lemon juice. this recipe comes from barbara lynch, who makes a simple berry and crème fraîche dessert more complex by adding a meringue, which is flavored with a pinch of cumin. this gianduja mousse is kind of like fluffy nutella, but instead of simply whipping the chocolate-hazelnut spread, the recipe calls for folding in whipped cream and crème fraîche. andrew zimmern’s tart tatin is made of spiced apples cooked in caramel, which pairs perfectly with a dollop of silky crème fraîche.

and trust us, it’s really good — especially when paired with that just-thick-enough crème fraîche frosting. when it comes to desserts, crème fraîche is typically used as a topping. chef maura kilpatrick’s crème caramels are made with crème fraîche for an added silkiness (and a nice bite of tang, too). we love the combination of juicy plums (or cherries, apricots, peaches, et cetera) with smooth crème fraîche and the crunch of slivered almonds.

my first taste of this velvety, cultured cream was in high school when i worked at a gourmet food store under the tutelage of a young woman named julie. julie was soft spoken and smart, feminine and fierce, and the embodiment of what i hoped to one day become. this included the magic of crème fraîche, and by turns, its use in crème fraîche whipped cream back then, store bought crème fraîche was hard to come by and julie showed me how to make it from scratch. today i’m sharing one of my favorite ways to put bellwether farms to good use in this ridiculously delicious spin on standard whipped cream. to be sure, whipped cream, plain and simple, is a beautiful thing. the mild cultured tang of crème fraîche adds a layer of interest and flavor that enhances whatever dessert it’s destined for. make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge until ready to use. a few turns with a whisk and your luscious cream will be as good as new. you always know how to bring things to life, and really capture the essence of your subject matter.

thanks – i have done this in the past and it works really well for make in advance whipped cream and definitely has fantastic flavor. give me sour cream or real cream any day of the week. i find creme fraiche to be an awkward and unsuccessful combination of the two. i have seen this be a problem before when added to cold ingredients can i use this method when making a banana cream pie that i intend to refrigerate for 24 hrs before serving? i’m concerned about making it ahead of time without a stabilizer, esp since it’s for company on new year’s eve. however, if it were me, i’d probably make the pie the day before and then the creme fraiche whipped cream the afternoon you are going to serve it and then keep in the fridge until serving time. in this recipe, you don’t really beat the creme fraiche. i think plain crème fraiche would work as a substitute for your sour cream, though it’s a bit denser. this is a great recipe, we use creme fraiche in the uk, it is delicious and far more luxurious than sour cream which is watery!! your mix of sugar (i would use icing/powdered sugar) and double cream to make even richer, is simply marvellous… kudos to you!!

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in a small bowl, whisk together the crème fraîche, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. in a separate large bowl, whip the cream until it reaches our favorite way to top pie or a slice of galette is with a lightly sweetened crème fraîche. add a bit of sugar and a splash of vanilla or crème fraîche ice cream 7 ratings ; salmon with greens & crème fraîche 124 ratings ; flamiche 0 ratings ; rum-glazed grilled pineapple with, crème fraîche recipes baking, what to do with crème fraîche, how to sweeten crème fraîche uk, low fat crème fraîche dessert recipes.

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