danish apple cake

everyone loves this danish apple cake with a sweet tender crumb. i googled æblekage and was shocked at the huge list with so many variations. there’s everything from beautiful tart-like cakes to pudding with apples layered in glasses to apple topped cakes, similar to my danish apple cake. i love that this cake is elegant enough to be served for a special occasion and, at the same time, is now super easy to put together. i can’t imagine anything more delicious than this danish apple cake. the artistic swirl of apples on the top makes it look like something from a fine bakery. i peeked into the oven halfway through the baking process and did a little squeal, it was so pretty! it didn’t disappoint, not even a smidgen and there are always happy faces around the table when i serve this danish apple cake. after peeling and coring, cut the apples into thin slices, about ¼-inch thick. true aeblekage is stewed apples layered with something like toasted oats or breadcrumbs and whipped cream.

it isn’t cake at all. although this is not a typical æblekage, i suspect there are as many danish apple cakes in denmark as there are types of apple pie, here in the states. i was looking for an “æblekage”recipe for my svigerfar (father-in-law). this is indeed an example of æblekage although there are other kinds similar to what poster above describes (though not with oats… more like a kind of crumbled danish macaroon or in danish, makroner”) looking forward to trying it☺️ i looked at so many recipes today and almost gave up but then i came across yours and so glad i did…. it was amazing! i read it and thought that anything that has 4 eggs and 2 sticks of butter in it has to be good and i was right. i just made this cake tonight. most apple cakes i’ve had neutralize the taste of the apple. this had a super apple flavor. it will go in my bookmarks of cakes to make again. a year ago i travelled in luftanza and they made an amazing apple cake/pudding not sure what it was but i tried to find it what it called so i can make it but no awail.it was very moist with pieces of apple at the bolttom and almonds on top it might have had a syrup thru it not sure or it was just naturally mist.love to know whayt it might be called and a recipe for it.do you have an idea what it might have been?rang them but they say they change reciepes and products all the time welcome! we serve casually elegant deliciousness.

but it is often served in the afternoon with coffee and does solidify like a cake when left in the fridge. the crunchy sweet layer of oats contrasted with the apples and cream make for a delicious dessert and the grated chocolate is just my mum’s indulgent addition. my parents immigrated from denmark to the us in their twenties, they are from the neighboring towns of skive and fredericks. the water initially is there to stop the apples from browning as you peel them.

it was my mum who chose to add the grated chocolate and i couldn’t have without now:-) i’ve heard about the added jelly version of this recipe but never encountered it amongst family & friends in denmark. have you ever heard of the word groi or a similar danish word? my husband is danish and his mother use to make this for him. but this is very much a danish recipe although the grated chocolate was my mum’s addition. your recipe is perfect, and i’ m going to send it to bob in arkanss, who was an exchange student with.

a delicious, tender yellow cake laced and topped with cinnamon apples. this danish apple cake is perfect for any occasion! danish apple cake (æblekage) is not actually a cake but a traditional danish dessert comprising of layers of stewed apples, caramelised oats and finished off ingredients ; 185 g butter, softened ; 165 g (¾ cup) caster sugar plus 75 g (⅓ cup) extra ; 2 tsp natural vanilla essence or extract ; 3 eggs, at room temperature, dutch apple cake, dutch apple cake, apple cake recipe, german apple cake, swedish apple cake.

ingredients for danish apple cake 4 c. homemade unsweetened, chunky applesauce 8-10. sweet macro hearts 1 c. sweet bread crumbs 1 pt. heavy cream for preheat oven to 350°. grease a 9×9-inch baking pan. cream butter and sugar together. add egg and vanilla, beating well. combine all topping ingredients and, dorset apple cake, good food apple cake, pink lady apple cake, finnish apple cake.

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