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i put the marinade in a jar and shook it to blend the oil and soy sauce, then poured it over the fish before broiling. i added more soy sauce and oil to the remaining marinade and used it as a dressing over the salad; it was delicious! this recipe was great, it allowed me to balance my busy day and still put a great meal on the table for my man. this was so easy to make and turned out really well. my boyfriend and i loved it and i followed the direction completely. the salmon was so moist. i did not have much time so i only had it marinating for a little over an hour and it was wonderful. this was a bit much for me so i think next time i will cut down to 1/2 tbsp and it will be a five star recipe! the only thing was that i put it under the broiler for only 7 minutes, and parts of it were burnt to a crisp. i cooked it on a cedar plank on the grill and served with the roasted vegetables submitted by saundra on this site. i marinated my salmon overnight and then put it on the broiler for about 10 minutes… was perfect! i will make it again and again! i followed the recipe though took the advice of a reviewer and a tbsp of crushed ginger.

but when i ate this salmon he loved it and even asked for seconds. i mixed the marinate again but this time with less soy sauce and more sugar and used it as a salad dressing over baby greens and fresh green beans. i was only able to marinate 2.5 hours and it was still good. yummy,easy to prepare, i baked it and broiled it to finish it off, the best salmon i have had in a long time! this was so good on my salmon at lunch, i made up more and marinated my pork steaks for dinner. i served with the awesome asparagus and cashews recipe on this site and with jasmine rice. i didn’t have lemon pepper nor did i have the time to marinate and it was delicious. we only marinated it for a little over an hour and it was great but i think doing the full 4-8 hour marination will make it even better. i tried this recipe for a quick dinner, and it was absolutely delicious! i make salmon all of the time, and this is one of the simplest and tastiest recipe i have tried yet! i baked under the broiler for about 10 minutes and lined the deep dish i baked it in with aluminum foil for a quick easy clean up. i didn’t have time to marinade the entire recommended 4 to 8 hours, so i just did a quick marinade and then broiled it with some of the marinade and it came out fantastic. i didn’t let my broiler hit the heat it needed to… in the future i will go safe with 350 for 12-15 and check it at the 12 minute mark so i don’t end up with dry fish.

salmon is prevalent in seattle and an important part of the food culture here. it turns out that salmon really is easy to prepare at home. salmon can be cooked in a skillet, roasted in the oven, poached or grilled. mix together salmon patties, toss with pasta and lemon or add to a salad. i hope these easy recipes find their way into your meal rotation and that you cook salmon with confidence. serve with broccoli stir fry with ginger and sesame. pacific salmon works well in this recipe because of its firmer texture. mix up a spicy jerk seasoning and broil the salmon for a quick and flavorful meal. the salmon is cooked once the seasoning is a little crusty and the fillet flakes when lightly touched. a flavorful honey lemon butter sauce is poured over the fish before wrapping it in foil and baking in the oven.

the foil keeps the moisture in and helps ensure the salmon doesn’t dry out. harissa paste amps up the flavor and keeps prep work to a minimum. white wine, dill, and onions make a flavorful poaching liquid for the salmon to cook in. put a tropical twist on grilled salmon with this easy salsa. look for pacific salmon such as king, sockeye or coho for the best results. a panko topping adds a crunchy element to salmon and a seasoned honey mustard ties the dish together. smoked salmon is sold ready-to-eat and makes a tasty addition to this pasta salad. hot smoked salmon is flaky and comes in a variety of flavors. this pasta salad would also be a great way to use up any leftover salmon. salmon cakes are also a great way to use up leftover salmon.

ingredients 4 wild caught salmon fillets about 1/2 pound or 250 grams each, skin off or on salt and pepper, to season 1/2 teaspoon paprika (mild, sweet or ingredients 12 oz. (340 g) salmon, cut into 2-3 fillet strips salt black pepper 1 pinch cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon preheat oven to 400 degrees and grease a large baking pan. stir together olive oil, garlic, herbs, and juice of 1/2 lemon. bake for 12-15, .

salmon is marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and lemon pepper overnight in this collection of tasty collection of air-fried pork chop recipes, bake the salmon in the oven preheat your oven. arrange salmon fillets and broccoli florets on a lightly greased sheet pan. rub the minced, .

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