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so we rounded up the best cake recipes for you, no matter the reason you’re in need of a baking recipe. we have the best birthday cake recipes (and the best birthday instagram captions to go with ‘em) to fill with candles and enjoy with loved ones. but that’s not all — we have all types of cakes on our list, whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate or all the flavors in between. sometimes the best easy cake recipes for beginners are super simple with just a few ingredients, while the best picks for more experienced bakers might involve getting creative or piling on the layers. and since pumpkin spice is great any time of year, we have plenty of warm, spicy and seasonal fall cakes to enjoy with your next afternoon cup of coffee. this no-bake cake stacked with layers of grahams, chocolate and marshmallow brings the flavors of the campfire inside for an anytime dessert. festive spices meet chocolate in this rich and moist chocolate gingerbread cake, the perfect centerpiece for any holiday dinner.

the layers of fresh compote and cream cheese frosting will make this your family’s new favorite. of one with this light and fluffy cake enhanced by a creamy pudding-like sauce. if you like the italian pastry, you’ll flip over this four-layer creation using the same classic flavors: orange, ricotta and chocolate. thanks to a few tablespoons of orange juice, this spring (or anytime!) cake is the perfect balance between citrusy and sweet. the secret: it’s baked in a water bath. think of this like a cross between carrot cake and spice cake.

indulge in a slice of lemon cake for afternoon tea. with lovely light sponge layers, a citrus zing offsets the rich and creamy soft cheese icing top this classic carrot cake with moreish icing and chopped walnuts or pecans. perfect a classic with our next level carrot cake recipe. it not only tastes delicious, but looks wonderful as part of an afternoon tea spread decorate this simple elderflower and lemon cake with edible flowers for a showstopping celebration dessert. choose your favourite jam for the filling, then add whipped cream make a vegan-friendly version of a classic simnel cake this easter so everyone can enjoy a treat.

pipe the topping for a professional look this decadent plant-based chocolate cake is guaranteed to bring joy to any birthday party. it’s the perfect partner to a cuppa for elevenses or afternoon tea try a new take on a victoria sponge, but a little more grown-up, with macerated cherries, custard cream and almonds. greek yogurt creates a cake that’s extra moist and tangy, for an irresistible teatime treat make our multifunctional ginger and honey loaf cake. the flavoured syrup help the cakes stay moist, so you can make them a day ahead and decorate the next day transform a classic lemon drizzle cake into a self-saucing pud for a cheap, comforting dessert. serve with cream or custard need to make a celebration cake at short notice? if you know someone who likes bakewell tart, then they will just love this cake – it’s full of almond flavour and sandwiched with cherry jam a classic british cake from the bake off judge, paul hollywood’s lemon drizzle is a simple traybake, made extra special with feather icing

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