easy cauliflower soup

today, i’m sharing my favorite cauliflower soup recipe, and i can’t wait for you to make it at home. you’ll transfer the contents of the pot to a blender and add butter. i loved them all and couldn’t pick a favorite, so use whichever you have on hand! i love the use of butter – i never have heavy cream in my fridge either. for 2nd time making this recipe, i added a can of white beans before blending to up the protein value of the soup. this is one of the first places i come when i want to make something yummy and healthy! i made this recipe exactly as written and it’s perfect. i add a bit of cumin to the onions and leeks while sauteeing. i know cauliflour is so good for you but it is my least favourite vegetable. my husband who is not a creamy soup lover had it twice and never complained. i made this and it was very good. i did roast a garlic cluster and added it to the recipe making it cauliflower and garlic soup.

i had an extra head of cauliflower and decided to try this soup. though i love the slightly smoky sweet taste of the roasted cauliflower, overall i found the soup bland and a bit flat. i also threw my onion and garlic in to roast with the other veggies. this was the perfect, healthiest recipe i found for my first time making cauliflower soup. i served it with a dash of nutmeg, scallions and my homemade croutons and it was fabulous. i was searching for a simple roasted cauliflower soup and so glad i found this one. this has become my go to soup recipe, i adore cauliflower and this recipe is to die for, simple yet tastes so luxurious. i simmered the soup with the nutmeg and added a little paprika, parsley, and a lot of black pepper. i used a kitchen aid hand blender, since that’s all i had, and it worked just fine. i don’t have a blender so i used my immersion blender and it turned out very creamy. after roasting a head of cauliflower, i made this in my soup maker and it was excellent. at first, i didn’t like the extra steps of baking the cauliflower and having to use the blender at the end. i don’t have a blender, so used my immersion blender, and it came out great!

this soup was always a favorite, and now i love making it for my family, it brings back the memories of our childhood and the love we felt from him. i love the ease of it, and it’s delicious! i made this soup and it was delicious. i made it and added one small greek yogurt to the batch and some chives. with so many positive reviews and hoping for the best i decided to try this recipe. i’m not a cauliflower fan but my husband is and i absolutely loved it. my husband and i loved this soup. i added some minced garlic and threw in a parmesan rind and it was incredible. as a loyal reader and follower of your recipes i’m surprised i had not tried this one. i made this with 2 10oz bags of frozen riced cauliflower because it was what i had on hand. i made this tonight and it was very good! this soup was good, my first cauliflower soup and i like it. i just made this soup for lunch. based on the overwhelming positive reviews, i thought that i would be able to get my husband and daughter to like cauliflower this way. to add more beans in my diet, i add a 1/2 can of cannellini beans before i purée it and it doesn’t change the points. my husband and i loved this soup! i stumbled across your site last night and was excited to find this recipe as i had two heads of cauliflower in the fridge. i love cream soups and this takes the cake for being yummy and healthy at the same time. i love this soup so much. what a wonderful recipe, i’m sorry about the loss of your father, and thank you to him for this recipe and to you for sharing it with the world. just made this for the 1st time yesterday and all i can say is wow! only difference was that i simmered it a while longer after blending to get rid of some of the extra liquid. i was drawn to the recipe as you stated it was one of your dads favs. i added a small bit of reduced fat cheddar cheese to my bowl and stirred it around. this was my first time trying any of your recipes and i am thrilled to try more! i am praying for you and your family to have comfort and peace. so i just made toppings like it was cream of potato soup for him – chives, sour cream and chives, a little pepper. my husband and i also love garlic and cheese, so i added a little of both to the mix and that was also delicious. i had been looking for a cauliflower recipe that was more like my dad would have made and today i’ve found the one you’ve posted. saturday, it will be a year since i lost my dad and i am going to make your dad’s soup in honor of both of our dads. this was one of the first recipes i ever made from skinnytaste years ago and it’s one of my favorites. i truly feel for you on the loss of your dad, my mother left us just the day before him. i look forward to making this recipe and know that a little of your father will be with all of us as we enjoy his recipe. and i thank you for all your recipes you share with us to make precious memories with our families!!! i made this for dinner last night and before i ate it said a prayer for your family. i hope you enjoy and i am so sorry for your loss. he must have been a dear father and i hope it helps to know you are “sharing” him with us. i love reading the stories you share about your mother and father and have enjoyed many of the recipes. i have my mom’s recipe and will share it with you if you can’t find yours. i have made the zucchini soup your dad enjoyed and will try this one soon. i have enjoyed this and many of your soup recipes for many years now.

i’ll be thinking of him and you when i make this soup for my family. i have prepared it well over 100 times for countless friends and family. this is a nice tribute to your dad, and i am so sorry to hear of his passing. i lost my dad this past july and it has been so difficult. when i try this recipe i will keep a good thought for you and your dad. i am so so very sorry for your loss. i will make this in honor of your dad who i am sure was much loved and will be missed. i’m new here and made the cauliflour soup with your dad in mind, and my husband and i loved it! gina, i am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. i am i, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. thanks for all your efforts with this website and the wonderful recipes. i am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear father. i tried your dad’s cauliflower soup and it is delicious. i wanted to make a shrimp bisque but i had to make it dairy free and was out of almond milk. i have just had to change my diet to low fat for medical reasons and this is going to be a staple for me. for the non vegetarians in the family i add sausage to their bowls, but my daughter and i enjoy it as written. i think the next time i make it i will only puree half of it and leave the other half a little chunky. i followed it exactly, and this soup is simply delicious!! i love this soup and have made it several times and was just wondering if this was a possibility. one thing i would like to ask, is this freezable once made as i would like to make a batch and freeze down for lunches. i have roasted the cauliflower and it takes a great recipe and adds another dimension to it…so good. i made this soup a couple of years ago and loved it. i was looking for a way to slim down my recipe, and this is it! i love soup and this sounds very good. i increased the onions to about 1 cup, and also added a couple cloves of garlic. i then added the hot curry powder and cooked it for a minute. i always have frozen cauliflower so this will become a staple in my soup recipe binder. i do not have an immersion blender, and i hate adding hot soup to my blender, so i threw the raw cauliflower in my food processor, and added the resulting cauliflower rice/crumbs to the pot. the only changes i made was to add crushed fresh garlic and white pepper. i absolutely love this recipe and have gotten my daughters addicted to it, too. i saw purple cauliflower at the grocery store and was debating whether to try the recipe with it or stick to white. ???? haven’t made this one, but i add white beans blended in to add protein and help thicken it, instead of a roux. i loved this soup and i don’t even like cauliflower. my crew likes a little more texture in their soups so i think i’ll remove some of the cauliflower prior to blending and then add it back in at the end so some of it is pureed and some is not. it’s near 90 degrees in the nyc area and i just had to make this soup. hey gina, i saw purple cauliflower at the grocery this week and was so tempted to get it to use in this soup recipe! my husband and i are both fighting a cold, so it was prefect! i absolutely love your blog and this soup! ???? i made this for lunch today and it was amazing! i had to use frozen cauliflower and chicken bouillon (because that’s all i had in the house) and it was still delicious! could you do it with say olive oil and not butter as i really don’t like the smell or taste of it at all ?regards helen. my food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!

ingredients 1 medium head cauliflower, broken into florets 1 medium carrot, shredded 1/4 cup chopped celery 2-1/2 cups water 2 teaspoons chicken bouillon this simple cauliflower soup is made with just five ingredients, including salt! it’s a quick and easy weeknight meal that’s easy to dress up or down. ingredients 1 head cauliflower, trimmed and cut into florets 1 tablespoon olive oil salt and pepper, to taste ¼ cup butter 1 medium onion,, healthy cauliflower soup, healthy cauliflower soup, best cauliflower soup recipe ever, cauliflower soup with milk, cheesy cauliflower soup.

ingredients ; 1 large head cauliflower (about 2 pounds), cut into bite-size florets ; 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided ; 1 medium red in a large pot over medium heat, heat oil. add onion and cook until soft, 6 minutes. add garlic and cook until fragrant, 1 minute. add milk and vegetable stock form the base for this soup with chunks of potatoes, cauliflower and onions which have been sauteed in butter., cauliflower vegetable soup, roasted cauliflower soup, vegan cauliflower soup, recipes using cream of cauliflower soup.

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