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i searched through the hundreds of recipes we have shared throughout the years and rounded up all of them that do not require an oven. i actually found over 160 no-oven dinner recipes, so i tried to organize them by cooking method and then by ingredient in order to help you find the recipes you want more easily. many of these recipes work in a slow cooker. i recommend bookmarking this page so that when you have a day where you don’t want to use the oven, you can simply open this page up and find a simple, oven-free recipe.

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check out these great no oven dinner ideas perfect for summer! when we remodeled our kitchen, i decided to switch from an electric stove to a gas one and while i like it, for the most part, i have to admit, that baby kicks off a lot of heat when i’m using the oven! and while that excess oven heat was fine and even kind of nice this winter, i haven’t exactly been thrilled at the thought of dealing with it this summer! and since i assume many of you don’t really enjoy the heat either, i thought i’d share some of the delicious recipes for no oven dinner ideas that i had with you all too! so not only will you be keeping the temperature down in your house as you make your summer meals, but you’ll also most likely use less energy to make those meals too. and of course, we all know that translates into more money in your wallet and less money paid to the power company! i particularly love the dessert collection.

thanks for sharing these amazing recipes. ???? one small appliance i recommend if you hate having to use the oven is a pizza maker. it looks like a large waffle maker, but the inside is flat. i have made everything from chicken nuggets, french fries, frozen meatballs, and texas toast to using just the bottom surface to fry eggs, cheeseburgers, and my husband has used it to make bacon. there are so many foods that taste so much better in the oven than they do from a microwave but using the oven not only heats up the house, but it takes a lot longer for the oven to heat up than for the pizza maker to heat. thanks for that tip, erica! i love how you figured out unconventional ways to use it too. i love the fact that these don’t “heat the kitchen”.

70+ ovenless dinners for when it’s really hot outside ; 1 summer vegetable chowder. summer vegetable chowder image ; 2 roasted tomato, salami, no oven needed: it’s our laziest-ever midweek meals 1cheat’s paella 217-minute one-pan spaghetti bolognaise 3no-cook chicken banh mi. 50 cheap oven-less dinners. when it’s too hot to turn on the oven, turn to these budget-friendly dinners., .

25 no-cook recipes (+ easy dinner ideas) 1. no-bake energy balls 2. yogurt parfaits 3. no-bake granola bars 4. peanut butter and banana, . no oven mealstry this ultimate cashew chicken stir fry. chicken cashew stir fry. pork lettuce wraps. pork recipes. it’s so easy to make delicious korean zucchini side dish! 10-minute broccoli stir-fry. broccoli chicken noodle casserole. avocado recipes. white chicken chili – house of nash eats. the pioneer woman chili.

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