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also, my goal is to create my meal plan the weekend before, choosing meals i already have the ingredients for on monday and tuesday, and assuming i’ll get to the store by wednesday if we need anything else. to help simplify my meal planning process even more, i created a list of more than 30 easy meals i can make in 30 minutes or less (all using ingredients i commonly have in the house.) thanks to a bunch of pantry staples and my list of easy dinner ideas, i don’t have to wonder “what’s for dinner?”, scramble to the store at the last minute, or opt for fast food! my family and i always love your recipe’s and used them quite often over the years i have followed you!

we always have ingredients for at least 3-5 of these foods and it is a life saver to have them noted on a list so i can look over it when i am short on time. and for the record, my all-time favorite go-to meal (since i was a little kid) has always been spaghetti and meat sauce. and if we can slice up some fruit to go with it, then i call it “good enough” and dinner is served ???? this is just what i needed today…i think you are a mind-reader!!! some of these are my go-to meals too, but you have several that i never thought of.

here’s a solution: when you need to eat on the go, whip up one of these portable meals that are tastier, healthier and more satisfying than fast food. whether you’re packing them for lunch, a picnic or dinner on the go, this sweet and savory sandwich will surely be a hit. registered dietitian tracee yablon brenner shares, “the benefit of this salad is that it’s ready to eat in its own container, so grab a fork and eat directly from the jar. simply wrap each one in foil and pack in a cooler to eat in the car, at practice or from the stands. stuffed in a pita pocket, topped on a salad or scooped with crackers, chicken salad is a fan favorite when you’re on the move.

make a big batch of chicken salad and keep it on-hand for when you need to quickly scrape together a meal. for busy weeknights, assemble a double batch, then bake one half right away and freeze the other half. creator gwynn galvin shares, “a walking taco bar is the perfect way to serve up a saucy taco filling and your favorite toppings in a bag of chips for a game. combine two favorite meals — sushi and burritos — into a delicious dinner on the go. it meets all of my nutrient needs for a meal, it’s satisfying (meaning i won’t get hungry later) and i can easily pack it up in a big sealable storage bowl with a fork. combine your love of comfort food with the need for a convenient meal, and these beef and potato hand pies are just the answer.

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1. korean ground beef bowl 2. baked salmon with mango salsa 3. gorgonzola portobello steak skillet 4. shrimp saganaki (greek shrimp with, best home cooked meals, easy dinner recipes for family, meal ideas, common dinner meals. we’ve rounded up our 60 best, easy dinner recipes! from grilled steak to braised chickpeas to allll the sheet pan dinnersu2014we’ve got you coveredour go-to easy dinner idea? soup!5-ingredient chicken tortilla soup. taco soup. tikka masala soup. tortellini soup with italian sausage and kale.

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