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we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. before you choose a recipe and make a trip to the grocery store for the ingredients, it’s probably a good idea to dust off the grill and get it ready for summer. if you want a lighter meal to make on the grill, try this fajita salad that combines chicken, peppers, avocado, jalapeño, and cilantro for a healthy and protein-packed dinner. we don’t know what’s better: that this recipe takes just 10 minutes to cook on the grill, or that you can make a double batch and freeze the mini patties for up to three months, ensuring plenty of easy weeknight dinners. making burger patties from fish rather than meat may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but these salmon burgers seasoned with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, and sliced scallions promise to delight a group of fish fans.

for a unique twist on the popular veggie burger, combine grated zucchini and corn for a plant-based patty. the recipe says to cook these on a skillet, but you can definitely toss them on the grill for added flavor. for fans of the occasional steak, make this simple sandwich with grilled steak placed on a french baguette and slathered with perhaps the most popular summer spread: pesto. if the crowd is coming over to watch a baseball game for a backyard “movie” night, then you just have to make these dogs and pretend you are at the stadium. for a light dinner that will still have you feeling full, grill boneless, skinless chicken breasts with red onions and peaches all placed on a bed of spinach.

many of these grilling ideas are fast and easy enough for weeknight dinners, and many are vegetarian, vegan or vegan-adaptable. how to make the most delicious grilled bison burger- a healthy alternative to beef because they are lower in fat and calories, and full of minerals and micronutrients. smoky, spicy and delicious, this mexican grilled chipotle chicken  is bathed in the most flavorful marinade. grilled eggplant salad with freekeh, fresh herbs, and a tangy yogurt dressing. here’s a simple yet super flavorful recipe for kerala-style fish, made with a flavorful paste that is either grilled or roasted in the oven. simple and healthy grilled salmon tzatziki bowls– a fast and easy weeknight dinner loaded up with yummy grilled veggies, quinoa, tzatziki and grilled salmon! a healthy, delicious middle eastern eggplant dip that is full of complexity and depth.

grilled halloumi, eggplant and tomato salad with mint dressing – a delicious side or main course salad! grilled romaine salad with corn and avocado – a light and refreshing meal. in this grilled pizza recipe, thin pizza crust is grilled for extra flavor – either directly on a grill or on a grill-pan on the stove. substitute cremini mushrooms and veggies for the beef and for a delicious vegan alternative. a few of my favorites were peruvian chicken, japanese farm-style chicken, salmon with avocado cucumber salsa, and mexican grilled chipotle chicken (i used portobellos). i am cooking for the family for 2 weeks at a cottage and plan to make a lot of these. of course i can just search on your site for it the links to the grilled halloumi and the grilled zucchini recipes do not work. >> more

these simple grilling recipes from food network make backyard barbecues and alfresco family meals a breeze, any night of the week. 14 easy weeknight grilling recipes ; 1. shrimp boil kabobs ; 2. grilled garlic herb zucchini ; 3. maple rosemary grilled chicken ; 4. bbq pineapple one of our most popular recipes on the blog- this easy grilled chicken shawarma recipe is bursting with middle eastern flavors! grill them whole, things to grill, things to grill, top 10 things to grill, cheap grilling ideas, what to grill this weekend.

from grilled chicken to shrimp kabobs, there are plenty cheap and easy grilling recipes for your cookout or bbq party to choose from!, bbq dinner ideas for family, unique grilling ideas, bbq dinner sides, fall grilling ideas.

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