easy weeknight casseroles

when weeknights get hectic, it can seem like takeout might be your only option to get a meal on the table. these casserole recipes are complete meals in themselves, so you only have to cook one dish and you’re done. you can assemble, freeze, and be ready to bake mid-week. the kids will love these casserole mains, and because they’re so easy, you won’t mind making them. get your recipe schedule ready—casseroles are on the menu this week (and every week after). if it’s from the south, chances are we can make a casserole out of it, and this one is incredible. when you tell the kids you’re serving cobbler for dinner, they might think you’ve decided to embrace an “eat dessert first” mentality. in just 35 minutes, you’ll have this amazing mexican meal on the table. you’ll even have time to make some homemade guacamole to go with it.

this 40-minute, one-skillet casserole will quickly become a favorite, if not for its simplicity, than for its rich italian flavors. if you want a sure winning combination on the dinner table, look no further than crispy onions and parmesan. the hardest decision you’ll have to make about this weeknight casserole is whether to top it with eggs or not. it’s a great casserole for any leftover meat—chicken or turkey—that you want to use up. comforting, stick-to-your-ribs goodness comes in the form of a loaded chicken-potato bake. every southerner knows this casserole is the ticket to a winning dinner no matter the occasion. you bet. if your family loves wings, then they’ll totally fall for this casserole, which has all the flavors of a hot and spicy chicken wing in one convenient dish. in this case, a generous sprinkling of crushed doritos chips takes a basic weeknight dinner from good to amazing.

whether you’re coming home from a full day of work and errands, been busy keeping house, or just figuring out how to get everyone to all their activities, there just doesn’t seem to be much time for the family table during the week. even so, we do like to see our tables filled with the smiling faces of those we love most. quick and easy, these simple full-meal casseroles go from start to table in 30 minutes or less.

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