Employee manual template

Employee manual template is a sample manual document that shows the procedure and policies of business on employment and employees. A well drafted employee manual sample can help employer and employee to address employment related situation that may arise.


Employment Handbook Introduction

Employment handbook need to take into account the business mission and strategy. Employee manuals are developed to help staff and management teams run the organization. In best use situations, policies play a strategic role in an organization. They are developed in light of the mission and objectives of the company and they become the media by which management’s plans, rules, intents, and business processes become documented and communicated to all staff.

Understanding the business mission and strategy is the prerequisite to the formation of employment manual. Employment handbook are essential part of business operation management. Carefully drafted and standardized policy and procedures stated in the employee manual save the company countless hours of management time. The consistent use and interpretation of such policies reduces management’s concern about legal issues becoming legal problems. Employee manual can also help ease the conflict and tension between employee and employer.

Employment Manual Template Layout

There is manual sample you can download for reference, however, you may use software such as Word to create your sample employee manual template based on the conditions and requirement of organization. During the design process, it is key to understanding the employee manual format, employee manual layout and employee manual outline.

The first key part in the employee manual template is the employee manual introduction. In the section, you may state the employee manual principles, employee manual objectives and organization background.

The second key part in the employee manual sample is the employee related policies. In the section, you need to state the standard and policy on the employment issues such as the how to state the job, how to report to work and how to apply for holidays and vacations.

The third key part in the employee manual example is the employee benefits. In the section, you need to state the career related benefits to the employee. For example, what is monthly payment, what is your health insurance benefits? You may also state the policies on common issues such as the non-discrimination, conflict of interest etc.