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then this wee recipe for traditional scottish flummery is definitely the way to go. this is an easy flummery recipe but you will have to soak the oatmeal for 48 hours prior to making the dish. the complete list of ingredients and full instructions for making this recipe can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of this post. not the jelly that features in some of the flummery recipes on the internet. this is all due to the starch in the oat water. you  just have to think of it as a wee scottish treat perfect for a supper party. you then mix this with the orange juice and sugar and bring to the boil stirring for at least 15 minutes until it is very thick. finally whip the cream and add this on top of the flummery finishing off with a sprinkling of grated zest from the orange. finally, if you do try this recipe don’t forget to leave a comment/star rating below as i just love to hear from readers. sweetness and amount of booze is always a matter of personal taste.

might it have anything to do with the kind of oats used? hi christy the oat water can be tricky stuff as different oats contain differing amounts of starch. i have steel ground pieces of oats and the 3 minute rolled oats. this time i will add zest to the pudd, i like the orange flavor with the whiskey. i did try a cranachan, but hated the oat consistency. traditionally it is the oat water you use not the oats. k hi i added half lemon juice half orange juice instead of full orange and that appears to have ruined the thickening. haven’t made this but i just wanted to point out that the jelly and evaporated milk recipe for flummery (aka jelly whip) is an australian and new zealand dessert that became popular after wwii. i never would’ve thought to use oat water as a setting agent! hi heidi thanks for the info re the auzie and new zealand pudding of the same name. i cheated and used oat milk instead of soaking the oats and it’s thicken up.

an elderly neighbour made this for the kids a few christmases ago, and it reminded me of something i may have enjoyed as a child. it has a long history, though its current form is a lot sweeter than the sour porridge-like dish it started out as in 17th century britain. the jelly version is a product of world war ii thriftiness, as people searched for creamy desserts that were also affordable. it’s a pretty dessert that you can vary depending on the flavour of jelly you choose and the toppings. i remember this dessert as a child but because my brother was diagnosed with juvenile onset of diabetes my mother use to make this with sugar free jelly and yoghurt. it was served to all us children so he didn’t feel different.

i would love to put a raspberry flavour between my chocolate cake layers and have both evaporated milk and raspberry jelly on hand. the cake will be eaten within a day or two, and refridgerated thank you. the flummery mixture is quite runny when you first whip it up and then sets to a jelly-like consistency (but a little creamier). or you could let it set in the cake tin and then try to remove in one piece and layer onto the cake. would love to know how you go if you attempt this. my nana used to make this, and my sister and i have been trying to find out what it was so we could recreate it.

ingredients. metric us customary ; 2 tbsp medium oatmeal ; 6 tbsp fresh orange juice ; 4 tbsp caster sugar ; 75 ml double cream ; 2 tbsp scotch whisky flummery is a super easy, two-ingredient dessert made with jelly and cream (tinned or fresh). it has a long history, though its current form is flummery 1 x 85 g aeroplane original raspberry flavour jelly 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water 1 x 375 ml evaporated milk, chilled to serve fresh raspberries, flummery tart uk, flummery tart uk, scottish flummery, old english flummery, what is flummery.

method dissolve jelly crystals in 250ml boiling water. place in the fridge for 1-2 hours, until almost set. remove from fridge and add cream. beat until well flummery made with carnation milk is simple – mix 85g of jelly crystals in 250ml boiling water and place in the fridge for an hour. then, whisk (or beat) the flummery basic recipe metric: 450gr water 250ml skimmed milk 125gr fine cut caster sugar 2 eggs 4gr vanilla extract 6gr isinglass imperial: 150oz water 8.8oz, jelly whip, blancmange recipe, evaporated milk mousse recipe, jelly and cream pudding. methodmix the jelly with 250ml boiling water until it has dissolved. pour into a bowl and leave to cool.stir through the evaporated milk and pour into an approximately 20cm trifle bowl. cover and put in the fridge to set overnight. to serve, top with cream, if you like.

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