hazard identification plan template

hazard identification plan template is a hazard identification plan sample that gives infomration on hazard identification plan design and format. when designing hazard identification plan example, it is important to consider hazard identification plan template style, design, color and theme. the department of the interior’s office of emergency management (oem) and the u.s. geological survey (usgs) have partnered to establish the strategic hazard identification and risk assessment, or shira, project. the shira project provides data, tools, and training exclusively for department of the interior personnel to improve planning for realistic threats to department assets, resources, and people. at this time, shira tools and data are available for department of the interior personnel only. oem relies on the vast field experience of it’s employees, and coordination with department bureau and office representatives via the senior executive emergency management council and the emergency management council to steer the shira project. in 2018, the shira team led a project kick-off workshop to determine which hazards and assets were of greatest concern to departmental managers and to identify how they could use risk-related information in departmental planning.

hazard identification plan format

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to improve the usability of our tools, the shira team included expertise in user experience and user interface–commonly referred to as ux/ui. all shira tools are securely housed in geoplatform within a fisma moderate environment and currently available only to department of the interior personnel. data are the foundation of the shira project. shira works with subject matter experts to identify the most appropriate, authoritative, and nationally consistent data for use in the various shira web tools. the hazard exposure summaries allow users to select specific assets, units, bureaus, regions, or hazards that are of interest, and then view and download tables and graphs that summarize hazard exposure based on their selections.