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while putting together my halloween-round-up post a few weeks ago, i noticed the crazy number of pumpkin desserts was completely overwhelming all of the other recipes! all i know is that, as soon as september hits, every food blogger–myself included–begins flooding the internet with pumpkin recipes. so, i totally don’t mind any pumpkin craze ???? thanks for all the recipes in one spot! any of her ice cream recipes, including the pumpkin one if you make it with canned coconut milk. i only got to make and post my first pumpkin recipe of the autumn last night – pumpkin pudding, so good ???? and here is more inspiration for the rest of my leftover pumpkin – thanks!

love it when my favorites sites are in sync ☺️and love these pumpkin recipes each one of these look better than the rest!! and yes, i do find that pumpkin has taken a whole lot of dimension during the past years. i have made quite a few of your recipes and enjoyed them. i add a can of pumpkin to spaghetti sauce it make it extra creamy and adds another vegetable to boost the nutrition. i am gf and trying to be a healthy mom:):) i have used a bunch of your recipes for three different new moms as nursing snacks! i cant even find it in the combined recipes posts for pumpkin i have tried many of katie’s desserts and soup and everything comes out right, which is saying a lot for me!

it’s fall! that means, there’s a lot of pumpkin to be eaten out there. i personally am not the biggest fan of savory pumpkin recipes, but i do love me some sweet treats with pumpkin, so i decided to make this little collection of delicious easy and healthy pumpkin dessert recipes! where i come from, butternut squash is also known as a pumpkin and it tastes like a pumpkin, so i hope you can accept it and don’t get too hung up on insignificant details. to me, it’s just food that i love and i’m not bored or a botanist to obsess over these things. that’s my little rant to get you motivated to make these pumpkin desserts. if you’re wondering what you can make with a pumpkin that isn’t soup, these pumpkin recipes will help you use it all up and make people at home or at work happy as well…if you love sharing of course! this recipe is originally made with butternut squash puree, but as i mentioned – pumpkin puree will work just as well. some other ingredients you’ll need for this ultra-creamy pumpkin pie are coconut cream, coconut oil, oats for the crust and spices. such a delightful treat and you can even make these ahead for an easy breakfast during the workweek.

if you’ve made the pumpkin oatmeal pancakes or any other pumpkin pancake recipe, you just have to try this delicious and easy pumpkin pancake cake with cream cheese. it’s so good! they are so incredible, you’ll want to make them again and again and again! another one where butternut squash is pretending to be pumpkin and then chocolate. if you don’t want to bake your pumpkin pie, you can assemble it and let it rest in the fridge for quite a few hours before it becomes the creamiest thing you’ve ever eaten. the recipe is vegan and again, made with butternut squash puree (pumpkin puree will work too!). this is a gooey version made with pumpkin and chocolate chunks. this is a collection of delicious easy and healthy pumpkin dessert recipes that anyone can make! this pumpkin recipe roundup includes oatmeal pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, healthy vegan pumpkin pie recipe, pumpkin pie bars and more! welcome to my little place on the internet where i share delicious homemade recipes, gardening tips, canning tips and soon more!

easy healthy pumpkin dessert recipes anyone can make oatmeal pumpkin muffins healthy vegan pumpkin pie pumpkin oatmeal pancakes flourless pumpkin bread. ▢ 1/2 cup pumpkin puree ▢ 1/2 cup maple syrup ▢ 1/2 cup natural creamy nut butter of choice (cashew, peanut, or almond) ▢ 2 large eggs these pumpkin pie bars are the perfect healthy dessert for an autumn gathering. made with pumpkin puree, coconut flour, maple syrup,, healthy desserts, healthy desserts, healthy pumpkin pie, healthy pumpkin cake, easy pumpkin desserts.

these pumpkin oatmeal cookies are one of our most popular pumpkin recipes! they taste basically like oatmeal cream pies, but a healthy spin!, healthy pumpkin pudding, low sugar pumpkin desserts, healthy pumpkin bars, healthy pumpkin bread.

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