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often referred to as the barefoot contessa, ina garten is a food network star. apart from her famous chicken dishes, garten’s known for desserts. they make any barefoot contessa fan wish they could spend a weekend with the celebrity chef at her home in east hampton, new york. with five stars and 548 reviews on food network’s website, the sweet treat can be made using a handful of basic ingredients. the only ingredient that might require a trip to the grocery store is buttermilk. garten uses ¾ of a cup in the cake. garten included the lemon cake in her second cookbook, 2001’s barefoot contessa parties! it’s her fourth most popular dessert recipe with 564 reviews and five stars. the celebrity chef first introduced the recipe in her 2006 cookbook, barefoot contessa at home. it takes 40 minutes in the oven and about 20 to prepare.

garten recommends leaving the butter on the counter overnight, which makes for a light cake. the barefoot contessa’s third most popular dessert is her carrot and pineapple cake. but the rest of the cake is standard barefoot contessa. she adds raisins, walnuts, and carrots to the mixture before cooking the cakes. garten loves lemon in desserts and this cake is no exception. similar to the previously mentioned lemon cake, this one relies on whole-milk yogurt for flavor instead of buttermilk. another dish found in barefoot contessa at home, this is a classic recipe of garten’s. what’s unusual about this recipe is that the celebrity chef doesn’t start with butter. finally, the most popular dessert of garten’s is her chocolate cake. it’s another recipe the celebrity chef included in her barefoot contessa at home cookbook. garten uses coffee to up the intensity of the chocolate flavor in the batter.

“i think comfort food is whatever you had as a kid, and that sort of cooking is what i’ve been doing all these years anyway,” ina says. “i always look at a standard recipe and ask myself two things: one, how can i make this taste better? and two, how can i make this easier to cook?” these days, ina is cooking up comfort in her east hampton, new york, kitchen where she has been spoiling her adored husband, jeffrey, with treats like lobster pot pie and their favorite low-effort special-occasion dinner: a decadent cheese and charcuterie board for two. (if you haven’t watched her mix the world’s largest cosmopolitan, you’re in for a treat.) but i thought, i’ll just post a picture of my pantry and see what happens.” what happened was an ongoing virtual dialogue about everything—including the monotony of unloading the dishwasher and how to use up all those dried beans we stockpiled last spring. “they’ve become a comfort—instagram and lots of grilled cheese sandwiches.”

in her version, gingersnaps replace the usual vanilla wafers and vanilla bean, and a few tablespoons of mount gay rum flavor the pudding. this total misnomer dates back to the 1880s when cakes and pies were baked in the same type of pan. ina’s modern twist is decadent with an orange juice-grand marnier syrup soaking the vanilla cake and another shot of the orange liqueur in the pastry cream. don’t refrigerate the assembled cake before serving or beads of condensation will form on top. and it includes just a dash of instant coffee granules to deepen the flavors. “it’s the easiest thing in the world to make,” she says of the puddinglike treat. the technique behind these oversize puffs, which have a crisp exterior and marshmallow-like center, comes from chef yotam ottolenghi. and a word of caution from ina, “don’t make meringues on a rainy day.

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