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iso 14971 2020 template is a iso 14971 2020 sample that gives infomration on iso 14971 2020 design and format. when designing iso 14971 2020 example, it is important to consider iso 14971 2020 template style, design, color and theme. additionally, the focus on benefit / risk evaluation aligns with the eu medical device regulation (mdr) and in vitro diagnostic regulation (ivdr). iso/tr 14971:2020 is a rewrite of the previous version and is the companion guide or technical report for iso 14971:2019.  this document provides guidance on the development, implementation, and maintenance of a risk management system for medical devices according to iso 14971:2019. the clauses and subclauses in the companion guide have the same structure and numbering as the clauses and subclauses of the iso 14971:2019 standard and can be considered a guideline for the implementation of iso 14971:2019.  iso/tr 14971:2020 does not add any requirements and provides supplemental guidance and clarification to the informative annexes of iso 14971:2019 with approaches that organizations can use to develop and maintain an iso 14971:2019 based risk management system. most of the additions to requirements content were made related to production and post-production activities with restructured clauses. iso 14971:2019 defines benefits in a way iso 14971:2007 and en iso 14971:2012 did not.

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you may also want to read this informative blog post on evaluating medical device benefits from an fda perspective. iso 14971:2019 refocuses attention on the benefit-risk analysis of medical devices which is in alignment with the changes made in eu mdr (2017/745) and ivdr (2017/746). section 4.4 (risk management plan) of iso 14971:2019 emphasizes the necessity of conducting an assessment of overall residual risk and the criteria for determining the device acceptability. the requirements to disclose residual risks have merged into one requirement, after the overall residual risk has been evaluated and judged acceptable. if you already have a working knowledge of iso 14971:2007 and en iso 14971:2012 revisions and would like to get a deep understanding of the changes, consider our medical device risk management training class.

some have created risk matrices or risk charts to describe the requirement, but that is not a correct interpretation of the standard, and should not be used. this was most often, though not always, shown as the boundary between the intolerable risks and the investigate for further risk reduction regions, though other terms were used to identify the regions. it is not establishing risk acceptability according to any of the risk acceptability approaches recognized in medical device risk management.

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in addition, annex c identifies five possible elements of the policy for risk acceptability criteria then provides a possible example for each of these elements: the section requiring the most work to develop in the criteria for risk acceptability is the section on factors and considerations. it defines the state of the art in risk management for medical devices, and companies should replace references to earlier versions or other standards in their risk management processes as appropriate. this is the iso group responsible for medical device risk management and the creation and maintenance of iso 14971:2019, the risk management standard for medical devices, and iso tr 24971:2020, the accompanying risk management guidance.