light summer desserts

a homemade compote is a simple way to transform a bowl of frozen yogurt or ice cream into a proper summer dessert. bobby flay grills bananas until the sides are caramelized and crunchy and then tops them with dollops of maple-sweetened creme fraiche. plate with berries for a simple, beautiful and sweeter-than-you’d-think dessert. leave it to set in the fridge and then serve with a dollop of whipped cream. balsamic syrup adds a rich, savory note to a bowl of berries, best complemented by a super-sweet ricotta, honey and vanilla cream. a pound of frozen strawberries gives this frozen treat incredible flavor, and low-fat greek yogurt delivers the creamy consistency of ice cream with only a fraction of the fat. fake a banana split pie with hungry girl’s recipe using chocolate pudding, whipped topping, bananas, syrup, peanuts and cherries.

giada tosses a mixture of summer berries with fresh basil, mint and a splash of limoncello for a sweet medley that’s ready in less than five minutes. here, silken tofu is practically tasteless and allows the chocolate and spicy chile flavors to shine through, while adding creaminess (no milk required). this lighter version of a favorite indian ice cream is made with mango juice, chunks of fresh mango and toasted pistachios. whip up one of these frothy and frosty cappuccinos. this treat is too cold to be a s’more and too marshmallow-y to be an ice cream sandwich –– but who cares? a few drops of coconut extract transform fat-free vanilla yogurt into a sweet and tropical base for mango, banana and shredded coconut. a blend of nonfat vanilla pudding and fat-free cream cheese is layered between strawberries and raspberries, then topped with crumbled graham crackers for a touch of crunch in this pretty parfait.

this clafoutis calls for either cherries or apricots, but it’s a summer dessert that rewards improvisation. a cousin of the banana split, and with just three ingredients, this is the most elegant of summer dessert recipes from one of mexico’s top chefs. but even without the fruit, this easy dessert is still kind of magical. it couldn’t be simpler to put together, but don’t forget that this easy dessert needs to chill in the fridge for a while to set up. that wisdom comes courtesy of chicago chef stephanie izard, who also discovered that if you add a toasted marshmallow to the aforementioned candy bar, you get an easy summer dessert that is shockingly good. meaning that this easy summer “dessert” would also be a heck of a breakfast.

you can use your favorite cereal, but it works best with a granola that holds together in crunchy clusters (which is the best kind of granola anyway, right?). in this effortless summer dessert recipe, it provides a shatteringly crisp base for bright-tasting raspberry sorbet and fresh berries. this easy icebox cake gets a little bit of heft from the use of cream cheese in addition to whipped cream—and it gets a little bit of spice from store-bought gingersnaps. if you are in and out of your freezer a lot, that may take longer than one day; err on the safe side! the joy of this simple summer dessert is that it is even better at room temperature, so you can make it in advance with ease. ), but either will work for this splendid summer dessert: the granita gets a boozy (optional) kick from black currant liqueur, and is served with a light-as-air lemon cream.

too hot to turn on the oven? no problem! these easy summer desserts are ready in a flash and don’t even need to be baked! creamy pineapple pie strawberry healthy desserts recipe ideas to try this summer 1. banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 2. watermelon lime sorbet 3. healthy desserts: creamsicle popsicles. though a beloved pie classic, rhubarb has a strong tartness that sometimes needs moderating. sweet raspberries do that job perfectly here, while, .

these summer dessert recipes go way beyond ice cream (though you’ll find that here, too). they include frosty pudding pops, cool cakes, sweet, .

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