loaded potato soup

chunks of potatoes in a cheesy soup base with sour cream and bacon is pure comfort food! i tried this recipe a couple years ago and now have it on repeat at least once every two weeks. i have made it 4 times and always delicious. i had a question in regards to the dutch ovens. i made this tonight and it was amazing! i just made this potato soup and it is wonderful. your potato soup recipe is the best and the one that i have made for years. loved the bacon with the sour cream and cheddar! easy does it) this soup is so tasty and filling and takes 30 minutes to make!my family loves it and we make it often.your recipes are a lifesaver! it had a curdled texture and i even added some of the hot milk/broth slowly to the sour cream in a bowl to temper it before added it to the pot. i made this soup today and it was so good.

i have made this and did enjoy, i do wonder about cutting back on the sour cream. any soup i want to make or freeze that has milk or cream in it i make up to the point of adding the milk or cream. whenever i add carrots i sweat them with the onions so that they are more tender, but i would either grate the carrot or dice it really fine unless you want them to be a bit harder. i haven’t tested that to advise and we do prefer the broth for flavor. the flour is a thickener, and the butter and bacon grease add fat to it, so it functions just like milk. on really cold blustery days i add a finely chopped roasted red pepper and some cayenne powder to give it a kick. i wonder if this is because of the sour cream being cold going into the hot pot? exactly the way i want a potato soup to be! makes a great cream soup when i blended the potatoes in it with an immersion blender. the soup was so easy to make and it was delicious!! potato soup is one of my favorite comfort foods in the winter.

but potato season will be here in just a few weeks and i plan on digging a good number of them out of the ground. this loaded potato soup is rustic in the sense that i use red potatoes that i don’t bother peeling. but i figure the “loaded” part gives a pretty good indication that this soup is firing on all cylinders and there’s not much holding it back. i even added a few minced jalapenos to mine – you know me, loaded isn’t loaded without some type of jalapeno, chipotle or poblano. i prefer the red or white for this recipe because i don’t have to bother peeling them! if you find that your soup is too thin, however, you can thicken it by mixing a tbsp of cornstarch with a little cold water and stirring it into the hot soup. i’ve never found that this recipe needed it though, and i like a thick soup.

i love the texture of this loaded potato soup and that the skins on the red potatoes add a smidge of something healthy in spite of all the cheese and bacon. update: i did make the version with adobo sauce and you can get the recipe here: chipotle cheese potato soup it is so good!! i have made this original soup before and it is sooo good! i crumpled the bacon in with the broth and added chopped up carrots. from my experience, i prefer to cook russets separately, or else they can make a soup “gloppy.” which isn’t a good texture. if i’m doing this in the crockpot, how do i do it? made this for the first time today and it was 85 degrees outside, it can be 100 and i still love a good soup. i looove soup and i’m also crazy so i make it in the summer, too.

ingredients ; 4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed ; ½ tsp salt ; 8 oz bacon, bite-sized pieces ; 4 tbsp unsalted butter ; ½ med onion, finely chopped ingredients ; bacon ($1.37) ; yellow onion, diced ($0.32) ; garlic, minced ($0.32) ; butter ($0.33) ; all-purpose flour ($0.03) 1. in 12-inch skillet, cook bacon over medium heat 6 to 7 minutes or until crisp; drain on paper towels. 2. in 6-quart dutch oven, mix onion, broth and, .

an easy and delicious creamy potato soup recipe that can be made in just one pot! loaded with bacon and creamy potato goodness, this is a this loaded potato soup is full of tender potatoes, sweet onions, crisp bacon, and chopped chives all in a creamy cheesy broth. suggested toppings for loaded potato soup bacon. and then some more bacon. shredded cheddar cheese (or try some crumbled blue!) chopped green, .

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