oatmeal cookie bars

yesterday, i took a quick peek into our pantry, and was relieved we had all required ingredients already on hand! i had a bunch of random pieces from other recipes and this was the perfect was to use them up! now i could go on and on, but i think you get the point. just use the same amount called for in the recipe! i used half vegan butter and half coconut oil, and replaced the eggs with 3/4 cup of applesauce. just made these today and they are amazing! i added a cup and a half of that and they are outstanding. i love the chewiness of the oats and the slightly gooey center. hey .. i liked this recipe … it is yummy but not as much as the brown butter blondies … by the way … in the recipe you asked for 8”/8” pan and then 9” pan … so when i used 8”/8” pan it seems too much so i put one third in another pan … maybe there is a printing mistake .. just to let you know ❤️ it’s the best dessert i’ve ever made. this is the best thing i have ever done to oatmeal.

i tried this recipe and was flattered with the taste. can i use coconut oil to replace the butter? i do have a problem with the center not cooking thoroughly, even when i use the correct size pan (bought it just for these!) i found a half forgotten bag of oats so i decided to go through your oatmeal recipes, this was my first stop and boy it did not disappoint. i halved the recipe and made it vegan by replacing the butter with half vegan butter + half coconut oil and the eggs with applesauce. hi i notice at the top of your recipe you have cook:46 minutes but in the body of the recipe you say 24-30 minutes. made these today and they are so good! just thought i’d comment that i decreased the brown sugar to 3/4 c and they turned out just as good! they lasted well in the fridge for a quick dessert throughout the week, and taste quite good cold as well as hot and fresh. this is a recipe i’ll be saving to make again and again.

my only mistake was not leaving enough room between the raspberry jam and the pan, and so my raspberry leaked to the sides and was a little bit burnt. i almost forgot, i also added a tsp of cinnamon to the oatmeal mixture. and here is what i love about this recipe – it didn’t compromise the crust a bit to do this. used seeded preserves as that’s all i had – and its fine with/without the seeds. to the remaining oat mixture still in my processor, i add af few walnuts or pecans, and pulse a few times. i felt without the flavoring these were a little bland… i added the almond flavoring and these were fantastic! and use a spatula to remove bars from the pan. in an attempt to make a little healthier, i used “smart balance” for the butter and my bars didn’t crumble on me hardly at all. after they cooled overnight, i took them out using the “handles” and it made the task of cutting them much easier. i made these bars twice, once with raspberry preserves, and the other with a home-cooked strawberry jam, but i thought the raspberry preserves added more flavor. hubby and i each had one right out of the oven (almost too hot to eat!) also microwaved the jam a bit to make it easier to spread.

i added just a bit of cinnamon the second time i made it and it was great. i doubled the recipe and used a 9×13 pan. i decided to make these because we had a jar of strawberry jam in the pantry that we needed to use up. i saw this recipe and made them the next day…they just looked so good and they were! followed the recipe verbatim- these were a snap to make, and tasted pretty good but not out of this world. i scaled the recipe to 16 servings because i have a 9×9 pan, and that worked great. added a little peanut butter to the bottom – everything’s a little better with pb 🙂 this recipe sounded great and the reviews were so good that i had high hopes. i can’t understand why the recipe called for seedless jam – i used the regular one and it came just great! i doubled this recipe and they didn’t last a day. i used margarine as i needed it to be non-dairy and i doubled the recipe. i recommend doubling all of the ingredients and making a 13×9 inch pan. i doubled the recipe for a 9×13 pan, but only incresed the butter to 3/4 cup. couldn’t make the 2 c of the mix cover the bottom of the pan so i put the whole bowl in there and used a potato masher to pack it down.

ingredients. 1x 2x 3x ▢ 1 cup butter , room temperature ▢ 1 cup light brown sugar , packed ▢ 1/2 cup granulated sugar ▢ 2 large eggs ▢ how to make oatmeal cookie bars preheat oven to 350 degrees (f). in a large bowl combine melted butter and both sugars. add the flour, baking oatmeal cookie bars are thick, chewy, and chock full of oats and (optional) chocolate pieces, these are easy to make with no mixer required!, .

1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar 1 cup butter or margarine, softened 2 tablespoons molasses 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 eggs 3 cups quick-cooking oats 1 cup gold heat oven to 375 degrees. beat together butter and sugars until light and fluffy. beat in egg and vanilla. combine flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon and the best healthy oatmeal cookie bars recipes on yummly | lemon blueberry oatmeal cookie bars, cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookie bars, rhubarb oatmeal, .

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