Operation manual template

Operation manual template is a sample manual document that shows the process and procedure of performing certain tasks and activities. A well formatted operation manual sample can help business improve its operation management.


Operation Manual Overview

Operation manual needs to distinguish the difference between manufacture operation and service operation. Manufacturing operations are processes in which raw materials are transformed into various goods. Service operation are processes of a business or company that provides services. Though manufacturing operations and service operations are always intertwined, the major differences between the two can still be identified. First, manufacturing operations produce tangible output while service operations provide intangible goods. Second, in manufacturing operations equipment investment is more expensive than labor, but in service operations labor is the vital resource while equipment is quite auxiliary . Third, manufacturing operations require less customer contact than service operations. Understanding the difference can help the operation manual guidelines.

Operation manual needs to have a clear and identifies performance objectives. Any operation has five goals to fulfill- cost, speed, dependability, quality and flexibility. The objective of cost requires the business to examine the entire cost structure for any potential reduction through its disciplined operations. The objective of flexibility refers to the ability of adapting to various situations by introducing a wide range of options or other means.

Operation Manual Template

There is free manual form you can download for reference, however, you may use software such as Word to create sample operation manual template based on business needs and condition. During the creation process, it is essential to know the operation manual format, operation manual layout and operation manual outline.

The first key part in operation manual template is operation manual introduction. In the section, you may include basic information about the operation manual policy, operation manual objectives and operation manual goals.

The second key part in the operation manual sample is the operation process and procedure. In the section, you need to show the detail process of operations. You may also list the key specification and requirements during the operation process.

The third key part in the operation manual example is the roles and responsibilities. In the section, you need to show the authorities and roles in the operation process, who will be the key contact person during the process? How to handle if there is irregularities etc.