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sprinkle in rosemary; return roast to the pot and cover. i only cooked it for 2.5 hours and the roast was 3.6 pds. i made a couple of minor adjustments…seasoned the meat with seasoning salt and monterey steak for flavor. i had the leftovers with horseraddish and gravy which was lovely. i served it just like in the video and my husband and i loved it. as the title suggests this roast was simple and turned out great! i followed the recipe as written and it was simple and delicious. i only cooked it for 2.5 hours and the roast was 3.6 pds. i made this roast with rosemary garlic red mashed potatoes and also added a feew halved red potatoes in the roast pan. i served half of the vegetables ( excluding the potatoes) and mashed the remaining and used them in the gravy and the gravy was very tasty. the only changes i made was i used a 2.5 pound roast (angus chuck roast) and that was it. this was the best roast i have had in a long time. the only change i would make would be to use a bit less butter but this is a spot-on delicious pot roast! i am in the uk and using a gas mark oven. cooking the roast in a mix of veggies really makes a difference and adds a sweetness, i think, to pot roast.

i like to make sure my roast is submerged in the liquid, so that it can soak up all the flavor. this was so easy to do and turned out perfectly even though i didn’t have any celery in the house and it was storming out, so i didn’t want to make a trip to the store just for celery. i did add a little beef broth to make sure it didn’t stick. i have this in my oven right now and the smell is heavenly. i have also used pork roast instead and cooked it the same. easy and as it was baking it smelled so good – all over the neighborhood 🙂 when i made this dish it was my first time doing a roast oven baked. this was the first time i have ever made a pot roast, this was so easy. i think my wife and i were surprised more at the fact that no beef stock or water was added. throw out the onion soup mix and make this pot roast exactly as written! i baked a potato, mashed it with some butter and served the veggies on top with the meat on the side with some of the juices for my husband. the meat sliced well, and it was juicy. it would have made great gravy, if i wasn’t trying to lose weight, i suppose… and the pot roast and veggies were great…. but i felt as though the meat boiled! there was a ton of liquid left in the pot, and i should have thickened it and served it with the beef. so much better than the last pot roast recipe i tried from this site. i didn’t use 3 1/2 pounds of meat so if i would have let it cook for the time it says it would have been overdone, but i used a meat thermometer and it turned out perfect.

pot roast will forever and always be one of the most satisfying comforting dinners around! she didn’t usually toss the potatoes and carrots in with the roast, instead she’s do roast with mashed potatoes and gravy (which i also absolutely love) but i’ve always loved how this is a one pot meal. and when you serve up a dinner this delicious you’ll feel like a pro in the kitchen, and no one needs to know what a breeze it was to make. first and foremost picking the right cut of meat is important. then cook the roast low and slow. also, another great cooking option for this pot roast recipe is to throw it in the slow cooker (after you’ve browned it) and let it cook for about 7 – 8 hours.

the red wine in this recipe is totally optional and definitely not a must. the roast still has plenty of flavor without it from the browning, the garlic and onions and the fresh herbs. thank you for sharing this recipe.. so simple and yet so delicious and tender! i will be coming back to this again and again. i only had 1.5 lbs chuck roast on hand and used the exact same cooking time with 14oz of beef bone broth and 3/4 cup organic red wine with sweet potatoes and carrots. it satisfied my every longing and was so satiating. here you’ll find a collection of delicious recipes that your family will love, all tested and approved by me, jaclyn, creator of this food blog.

the classic mix of vegetables to add on top of your pot roast include potatoes, onions, and carrots. we recommend using a white or sweet onion, but yellow ultimate slow cooker pot roast that leaves you with tender meat, vegetables and a built in gravy to enjoy them all with in just 15 minutes this easy pot roast recipe from chef john is hearty and satisfying. the soft vegetables combine with the meat’s juices to create a delicious sauce!, pot roast in oven, pot roast in oven, best pot roast recipe, easy pot roast recipe, stove top pot roast.

fall apart, tender pot roast slow cooked and smothered in a delicious gravy with potatoes and carrots. a warm and hearty dinner recipe… this ingredients 1 (3 lb) boneless chuck roast 2 tbsp olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 large yellow onion , coarsely chopped 3 in a large casserole dish add the carrots, potatoes, and onion. place the roast on top. in a small bowl combine beef broth, red wine,, slow cooker pot roast all recipes, 2 lb chuck roast in oven, moist slow cooker roast beef, how long to cook a 2 lb roast in slow cooker.

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