potluck dinner ideas

if you have to be at a potluck in a few hours, there are plenty of easy potluck ideas that require a minimal amount of time and will still impress the guests — several don’t even involve a trip to the store! (via brit + co) bringing chips and guac to the party always ensures your popularity. (via brit + co) you can just grab one head of lettuce at the grocery store and you’ll have enough wraps to feed your whole potluck! (via the recipe critic) cater to vegetarians by serving a hearty rice salad, made with plenty of veggies for fiber and nuts and edamame for protein. (via feel good foodie) this recipe is no-churn and only takes five minutes to make, which means it’s the perfect recipe for when you’re crunched for time.

(via foodiecrush) blueberry hand pies are sturdy enough to remain intact even after a ride in the car. (via trial and eater) make these mexican pinwheels up to a full day in advance, or put them together right before you get to the party. perfect for something to make ahead that keeps well and everyone loved the spaghetti with parsley. gorgeous thanksgiving table decor will wow your guests and do a lot of the lifting for you. in combination with layering your dinner, salad, and side plates, these additional textures will add weight and variety to the look of your spread. to create this look, diy some of the same details from the first look (like the painted pumpkins and the white ranunculus), but switch out some of the details.

we are giving you this amazing list of potluck recipe ideas which you can have in your arsenal. from dips to salads to sweet little munchies put your heart and soul into feeding your church family with these praiseworthy potluck recipes for breakfasts, side dishes, dinners and 1. macaroni salad 2. taco dip 3. sausage balls 4. fruit salad 5. cornbread 6. beer cheese dip 7. bbq chicken sliders 8. baked potato dip., .

taco slaw 1 spicy taco slaw get the recipe for spicy taco slaw » ; potluck dishes – pimiento-cheese deviled eggs 2 pimiento-cheese deviled green goddess salad easy potluck idea rainbow bread easy toum lebanese garlic dip citrus rosé sangria recipe tomato basil orzo dirty soda., .

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