pudding cake

my grandmother always burned the biscuits. it just wasn’t a holiday meal without slightly blackened biscuits and ham studded with pineapples and cloves. on the surface, a pudding cake looks like a simple cake. but, as granny spooned it hot from the oven onto our plates, the super-moist chocolate cake revealed its secret: a pudding-like sauce that formed on the bottom of the pan. my sister and i definitely did. sometimes, we topped it with vanilla ice cream but most often we just let the cake shine as we ate it immediately. while the cake part is obvious, you actually don’t add premade pudding or even pudding mix. the cake makes its own pudding or sauce. as an adult, i couldn’t remember what step “made the pudding” in a pudding cake.

it turns out making the pudding for a pudding cake is a simple two-step process after you put the batter in the pan. as the cake bakes, the mix of hot water and cocoa/sugar melts down through the cake to form a “sauce” or “pudding” on the bottom. i’ve always found it easier to do the steps separately but a recipe like this brownie pudding cake also works. pudding cake doesn’t have to be chocolate. one of the downfalls of pudding cake (and the holidays) is they are both temporary. pudding cake has a big magic moment just like opening up a favorite gift. the pudding magic that occurred directly out of the oven became a muddy mixture once it cooled. eating pudding cake hot out of the oven is the way to go, holiday or not. it was just “the pudding cake.”

here are a bunch of easy pudding cake recipes for you to try! the first time i tried it i couldn’t believe how moist it made it and the added flavor it brought to an already delicious dessert. any way to really amp up a traditional cake mix i love doing. it is quick and easy but makes it taste a bit more like homemade with this little addition. i have done that as well but most times i am in a rush and like to have this easy option. match the flavor of the cake mix with your pudding and you will agree with me that it really takes it from good to amazing.

it came out great, for our banana pudding cake i used yellow/white cake mix and banana pudding. our egg nog cake is our latest creation and a perfect christmas dessert to try. i am on my way to make a chocolate pudding cake as we speak using that. i will say that using a bundt pan does make it a bit drier though overall. want to see a few of my favorite things that i am totally obsessed with or visit my etsy shop?? take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

poke cake every 1/2 inch with handle of wooden spoon. in medium bowl, beat pudding mix and milk with whisk about 2 minutes. pour pudding evenly over cake. run this super yummy, super gooey chocolate pudding cake is an easy, one-dish dessert recipe that can go from the oven to the table in no time flat! this delicious homemade lemon pudding cake makes the perfect dessert, no need for frosting it makes it’s own topping., .

on the surface, a pudding cake looks like a simple cake. but, as granny spooned it hot from the oven onto our plates, the super-moist chocolate easy pudding cake recipes to make at home! using cake mix or completely homemade they are super moist and one of our favorite desserts! this hot fudge pudding cake is an easy dessert that uses simple ingredients and requires very little prep time. it’s also vegan adaptable., .

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