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this book provides the most comprehensive treatment of the theoretical concepts and modelling techniques of quantitative risk management. a primary theme throughout is the need to satisfactorily address extreme outcomes and the dependence of key risk drivers. . . . . .

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. . “”—hans bühlmann, siam review “praise for the previous edition: “this book is a compendium of the statistical arrows that should be in any quantitative risk manager’s quiver. “”—holger drees, risk “praise for the previous edition: “quantitative risk management is highly recommended for financial regulators. “”—hans blommestein, financial regulator “praise for the previous edition: “this book provides a framework and a useful toolkit for analysis of a wide variety of risk management problems. “”—martin baxter, nomura international “praise for the previous edition: “for anyone searching for a book dedicated to the concepts in risk management and the quantitative methodologies with a particular emphasis on the mathematical rigor, this is the one to read. “—michael gordy praise for the previous edition: “there is no book that provides the type of rigorous and detailed coverage of risk management topics that this book does. “—riccardo rebonato, royal bank of scotland, author of modern pricing of interest-rate derivatives princeton asia (beijing) consulting co., ltd. unit 2702, nuo centre 2a jiangtai road, chaoyang district beijing 100016, p.r.

read how in just a matter of weeks, qualys leveraged floqast to standardize the close process and organize controls and documentation for a more simplified sox compliance. quantitative risk analysis (also known as a quantitative risk assessment) is an approach to risk analysis and control that focuses on making numerical predictions regarding the impact of risk on a project’s goals. the overarching objective of a quantitative risk analysis is to inform decision-making and improve the quality of decisions regarding a project. to illustrate quantitative risk analysis using an example, we can use any of the risk analysis methods and tools we’ve highlighted above.

let’s assume that the probability of market risk, it system risk, and compliance risk occurring is 30%, 20%, and 10%, respectively. the main difference between quantitative and qualitative risk analysis is that quantitative analysis involves data and numerical values, while qualitative analysis doesn’t. for risk events with no variation, such as a machine breaking down, you’ll simply record the expected cost of repairing the machine or buying a new one. you’ll then need to assign a cost to these different variables and calculate the average cost for all potential responses to the risk. while the business environment is in flux and the risk landscape is becoming more and more like a spider’s web, with the help of good automation software, you can have a handle on your risks and reap the benefits that come with incredible efficiency.