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risk assessment nhs template is a risk assessment nhs sample that gives infomration on risk assessment nhs design and format. when designing risk assessment nhs example, it is important to consider risk assessment nhs template style, design, color and theme. independent sector providers may additionally be subject to the continuity of services (cos) conditions in section 5 of the licence if they are: application of the cos conditions means providers are subject to nhs england’s financial and quality governance oversight as set out in this document. where nhs england decides to regulate an nhs-controlled provider under the ipraf, the default position is that the provider will be subject to the approach to monitoring and risk assessment set out in this document. when nhs england informs a provider that it is subject to the cos licence conditions, nhs england will send it templates setting out the information to be provided and the definitions to be used. actual concern – providers in this risk category are highly likely to be experiencing financial stress sufficient for nhs england to open an investigation and consider taking an active role in ensuring continuity of services as set out under ‘emerging concern’ above. nhs england will use the risk-based approach set out here to identify and investigate any shortcomings in standards of quality governance, and if there are shortcomings that may put services at risk, take appropriate action.

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the intelligence it gathers on relevant independent sector providers from inspections and monitoring will be a core input to nhs england’s assessment of quality governance and risks to patients and services. in situations where there is material quality stress or providers are in breach/potential breach of the quality governance criteria in the provider licence, or where there are clear and serious failings in quality governance with material risks to patients, nhs england may consider using powers to require the provider to receive mandated support. where concerns are being escalated, nhs england will strive to ensure that this information is treated in an appropriately sensitive way, and it will be cognisant of commercial considerations. does your leadership/executive comprise the appropriate mix of skills and capabilities in relation to delivering good quality governance? as a leadership team do you consider what information is routinely available to you across all the domains of quality, and whether this is appropriately aligned with integrated care board (icb)/regional strategic quality goals and assessment of the key risks to quality where services are located? does the organisation ensure that clinical and internal audit processes function well and have a positive impact on quality governance, with clear evidence of action to resolve concerns and maintain the improvement?