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risk management manual template is a risk management manual sample that gives infomration on risk management manual design and format. when designing risk management manual example, it is important to consider risk management manual template style, design, color and theme. billing rates that result in a major change in philosophy or have a significant impact on campus users will be forwarded to the administrative council for review and resolution. changes to rates billing rates that result in a major change in philosophy or have a significant impact on users (as determined by the controller’s office) will be forwarded to the administrative council for review and approval. the general policy of the university is to comply with the requirements of the code, the regulations, and south carolina law to preserve the tax-exempt status of the bonds. to the extent additional procedures are required, the associate controller of the university (the “responsible official”) will be responsible for development and maintenance of such additional procedures to ensure and demonstrate such compliance. the university will retain the services of a rebate analyst (the “rebate analyst”) or other professionals who are necessary, in the judgment of the responsible official, to ensure that the requirements of the code and regulations regarding arbitrage rebate are met. the responsible official shall maintain a list of all bond financed facilities determined to be subject to private business use and shall annually determine if such use is within permitted amounts. in these cases, a copy should be ordered from the publisher and, when received, taken to the bookstore for credit. the event is not sold out), (b) the service is offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, and (c) documentation is maintained to support the number of tickets sold versus the tickets or passes available. occasional personal use of university sponsored event tickets or pass by employees is not considered taxable income to the employee. the “value” of the complimentary event ticket or pass to be included in taxable income is determined by the posted retail price of the ticket and not by any alternative market value. the principal investigator (pi) of a sponsored program project is responsible for all fiscal and programmatic activities related to the project. the principal investigator and the department chair may agree on a designee with sufficient technical expertise that is knowledgeable of the sponsored project to authorize or approve the expenditure when a pi is not available. it is the collective and shared responsibility of these areas to work cooperatively in ensuring the financial integrity of the university. each college or division is to confirm receipt and review of the fiscal year end closing review document. generally, items that are purchased and consumed by the same department are considered to be supplies. any decision to lease out university owned space follows a similar procedure and time frame as all such lease must have approval of state leasing prior to any negotiations if the lease out is for more than 7 days and not exempted by the state. reimbursement of reasonable and necessary moving/relocation expenses for existing employees are authorized when an employee’s primary place of business is moved from one location or place to another location or place in the course of the business of the university and are subject college/budget center funding availability.

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if a non resident alien (nra) is eligible to receive payments or benefits, to satisfy withholding and reporting requirements the proper tax forms must be completed prior to any disbursement of funds. tax can be paid in either of two methods:(a)  total tax due is withheld from payments to the nra. a copy of the vp approval is to be retained at the departmental level along with other supporting documentation for the correction. the reconciliation and certification process is to be adequately documented in order to allow for future review and verification of the reconciliation. the reconciliation process is to be adequately documented (either in an electronic format or a paper copy) in order to allow for future review and verification of the reconciliation. the cooperative agreement, at a minimum, must include: rental charges to university e&g and psa funded activities are not appropriate when the facility is funded and maintained by legislative appropriation and/or general student tuition and fees with the following exceptions: proceeds are to be deposited in university departmental revenue accounts and should be used for maintenance or improvement of the facility and equipment. (2) all university buildings subject to damage from these perils and of a value warranting the cost of insurance will be insured at replacement value. (b) this coverage should not be confused with property damage liability, which is the damage to the property of third parties for which the university may be held legally liable. (c) the treasurer of each institution in south carolina is required by law to be bonded. discussionclear lines of authority and responsibility must be established in order to segregate, where practical, the various steps of a transaction. when an employee is being reimbursed for business expenses, the employee should not enter and release a voucher for payment to himself or herself. all requests for non-cellular telephone service should be submitted to telecommunications on a telecommunication services request form, or on-line through the telecommunications web site, and approved by the department head or director. a. a shared departmental or shift cell phone is one that may be shared by multiple employees while on duty, does not leave the campus after duty and is turned in by each employee at the end of his/her shift. a. under normal circumstances, it will not be acceptable for an employee to use a university telephone account for long distance calls and then reimburse the university for the cost of those calls. the office with responsibility for scheduling use is authorized to waive rental charges when use promotes the mission and program of clemson university. also, the activity need not actually generate a profit; only the purpose of generating profit is required for the activity to be a trade or business. in these cases, it is important for the university to articulate its academic or educational interest in the performance of the research. vending machinesthe operation of vending equipment on the university’s campus is a complex commercial operation and produces a significant amount of revenue for the university.