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quick and easy fresh roasted strawberries! the juices from the roasted strawberries combine with the maple syrup for some saucy strawberries that are greater than the sum of its parts. slice strawberries and place on baking sheet. and if ya want more summer-licious strawberry recipes, check out: strawberry salsa, strawberry snack cake, strawberry burrata panzanella with basil and little gems, and watermelon gazpacho with strawberries. these roasted strawberries are so delicious and there are indeed so very many uses for them! these look so good and i can think of so many ways to enjoy them! super stoked for ya to try roasted strawberries… i think you’ll love them :)! so stoked to hear my recipe made ya drool :)! roasted strawberries are just full of flavour and they go so well with almost anything! the heat concentrates the strawberry flavor and they can go on soooooo many different things… or just eaten as is which i love too :). and cant wait to hear whatcha think of them :).

these roasted strawberries would be perfect over ice cream, a good creamy, cheese, or pancakes. i’m drooling over all of your suggestions on what to put them on. i am all about this! so super stoked to hear that michele! so super stoked to hear that lorie! perhaps you’ve had them in pie/galette/crisp for but yes ya can def just roast these beauties themselves and use them in so very many delicious ways! this is such a great idea for switching up the way you eat fruit. so stoked to hear ya love roasted strawberries and that you’re gonna try this recipe :-):):)! and i really hope your kids love ’em as much as i do :)! these might be lovely, and i want to try them, but it is deceiving to see so many of the commentors give five star reviews only to read that all of the reviewers only say that they want to use your recipe, or that they know that roasted strawberries are so good but with no mention of how good your particular recipe is. i don’t control the comments on here and happily share all this content for anyone that would like to see it :). i began my career in food as a chef and love sourcing colorful produce from local markets, emphasizing the beauty of real food.

instead of just macerating them in sugar, i love roasting strawberries with a split vanilla bean. roasting strawberries intensifies their flavor and creates a nice, gooey syrup—it’s almost like making a compote in the oven, and the berries maintain their shape while still getting jammy. roasting strawberries concentrates their flavor, making them sweet and extra-fruity, without having to add much sugar. the berries themselves stay more intact roasted in the oven than they would if you simmered them on the stove. there’s no reason to make this unless you have fresh strawberries. strawberries that are thawed after freezing are already collapsed and weeping liquid, and they’ll just turn to mush if you roast them. the varieties trucked in from mexico, california, and florida are bred more for longevity than flavor, though they’ll still be tasty when prepared this way. just insert the tip near the leaves and cut them out in a shallow cone. yes, they’re expensive, but i think you really get your bang for the buck. the vanilla flavor mutes the acidity of the fruit and is so incredibly aromatic.

this is still worth making without the vanilla bean. add any of the following to the baking dish, along with the berries and sugar, prior to roasting them. the berries will be soft and slouchy. you can also freeze them for up to a year. either put them in an appropriately sized freezer-safe storage container, or in a small freezer bag and freeze it flat. if you don’t have a vanilla bean, you may omit it; if you like, add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the berries after you remove them from the oven. to remove the stem and leaves from the berry using a paring knife, insert the tip of your paring knife as close to the stem as possible, and cut a narrow, shallow cone around it. put the strawberries in a 9×9-inch shallow, non-reactive baking dish (ceramic, enameled, or pyrex are good choices). cut the vanilla bean in half vertically with a sharp knife and scrape out the seeds; add the seeds and the scraped-out vanilla bean to the berries. place the dish, uncovered, in the oven and bake for 30, stirring after 15 minutes, if you remember. store, covered, in the refrigerator for up to a week.

adjust oven rack to the middle position and preheat to 375°f (190°c). slice off the strawberries’ leafy caps, removing as little fruit as possible. roast, roasted strawberries preheat oven to 350°. on a large parchment-lined baking sheet, toss strawberries with sugar and vanilla. bake until pre-heat oven. slice strawberries and place on baking sheet. toss with maple syrup (or sugar other sweetener of your choice) until evenly coated, .

jammy roasted strawberries burst with sweetness! roasting them with a vanilla bean takes them to the next level. serve over ice cream, yogurt, remove the stems from the berries (and save them — there are plenty of ways to put them to work!), and either halve or quarter the berries these roasted strawberries are incredibly easy to make. simply mix the berries with some maple syrup and vanilla, spread out in a single layer, .

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