simple white bread recipe

simple white bread is simple to make, and it’s easy enough that you can triple or quadruple the recipe so you can have freshly baked bread every day! and, i am telling you, this is the bread to make because it is so easy and you only need a few ingredients! with only a few ingredients, and the option to double, triple, or even quadruple the recipe, there is no excuse to not have fresh bread daily. to prepare the dough, begin by adding the sugar and yeast to a cup of warm water and set it aside. knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic. sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of flour onto your work surface and knead the dough for a few minutes, or until smooth and elastic.

form a log with the dough that will fit in your prepared loaf pan. as a result, i added 2 tbs of olive oil to the dough. i work with iambaker and am happy to help with questions. let us know if you try it and how the bread turns out. each time i am going to add more wheat flour and less a/p flour until i find the breaking point, so to speak. do you think i should divide the dough into thirds or fourths?

i’ve made this three times now, and i love that it makes two loaves… i immediately slice and freeze one and leave the other one out for us to eat throughout the week. i have a 700gm bread tin and i halved the recipe and it made a great, large soft bread to go with our vegetable soup. followed the recipe to a t because it was the first time i had tried the recipe. i made it the first time by hand and it was easy. i think i made the mistake of retarding the dough in the fridge overnight and not letting it get to room temperature properly. i’ve been baking bread for eons, and always thought i had a great recipe, then i tried this recipe!! all-in-all i think this is a great simple white bread recipe. my bread was the largest rise i have ever have and i love to bake. this is my 2nd time baking these loaves and i am super satisfied!! i put them in the labs to ride but 50 min and they rose so much it was exploding over the pans. i understand it’s supposed to be tall loaves, but how do you make them tall and not overflow-y? i use this recipe all the time and it makes awesome bread. i used a 10,5 x 4,5 inch loaf pan and it made a huge loaf. 3) i had to add a _ton_ more than 1200g of flour to get a non-sticky mess and it never ‘cleaned the sides of the bowl’. i make it once a week and sometimes rolls (with the same recipe) in addition. because it was too much for my stand mixer, i do it by hand and have started doubling the recipe. the texture this dough recipe makes is what i was looking for. i made your bread recipe today and i have to say its the best recipe ever! i made a half recipe of this last week. i bought a 13″ pullman loaf pan and put some of this dough in it. thanks a bunch for sharing  i made this bread twice and they both turned on perfect! i just took mine out of the oven took a big hunk off the end and lathered it with butter, couldn’t of asked for anything better! i follow the recipe to the letter and i still can’t achieve the bread i want. once i got the texture right this bread is amazing. when my hubby was sick and wanted toast, i made him some using bread from this recipe that i quickly popped out of the freezer. i use it for loaves, for scrolls, and for pullapart bread. but i try to keep an positive attitude i’ll achieve my goal of going the softest bread. i have found there is less chance of burning with the mini loaves, and it’s a little easier for me to store that way. i made a half batch for one loaf and we are demolishing it with butter. i decided to try one more recipe and this is it. by the way this is a fun and easy recipe! this white bread recipe is simple to make and the and the  results taste great. it was so easy and now i’m sad i halved the recipe because i know my husband is going to want more! bread came out a little sweet for us so next batch i may reduce the sugar. sorry, this will be the first time using fresh yeast and i don’t want to mess it up! i don’t quite understand the instructions and would like to watch a video for it so im prepared for my gcse exam. do let me know, i’m looking for a really good white bread recipe and this seems to be a jackpot from the comments and i can wait to try it!! but this recipe has changed that, it never fails to make the best bread ever!! i made this bread today, and it was the best i’ve made yet! i know you say it keeps well once baked in the freezer but i want to make a bunch of dough and freeze it so i can just thaw it, proof it and pop it in the oven next time. my first attempt i used half recipe and it turned out beautifully. the last bread i made was very tough and hard to knead because i used some oats in it. i have made bread using this recipe many times and it has never disappointed. this is the second baking recipe i have tried. it as high and gorgeous when i pulled it out of the oven! i split the recipe and it worked perfectly. i have made a lot of bread and rolls over the years but this recipe is seriously the best ever. i can’t even get to the filling stage :)) it was so kind of you to share this recipe. made the full recipe but split it in to two bowls from the get go. this is the 4th time i am making this recipe and i do love it. i was gifted a stand mixer for christmas this recipe was the used for the first time use ! the full recipe was way too much dough for my kitchen aid mixer, but the kids liked this recipe so much i’ll cut it in half and make it again. i am fortunate to be retired and have the time  to make this delicious bread. made this recipe – with one minor change, i cut the sugar to 1 tbs. i used this recipe to make a christmas bread wreath. i make the dough in the bread machine and then make it in the oven. 🙂 i made it and omg  it came out just like the picture so tasty. i am a novice bread maker and have ran into the same problem when i get to the “brush with butter” part of instructions. i have made probably close to 50 loaves of bread with this recipe and it’s amazing. i would love to make this recipe but when i pull it up on my phone there’s a stupid ad by ad choices there that will not go away even if you press the x so i cannot see the amounts of ingredients needed. this may cause the bread to have a different amount of tenderness, but shouldn’t affect the overall flavor. it is a pretty forgiving recipe and i have haphazardly made the dough wetter or drier, baked it 5 min to long etc and it all comes out fine. i baked it again and the same thing happened. this recipe is pretty forgiving and made 4 loaves so far by just mixing in the bowl and do a couple of minutes of folding with hands. i have been experimenting with bread recipes and this is the one! and i made it all by hand cuz i’m back in my dorms! i’m a regular baker and occasional bread maker, and love the fluffy crumb and thin crust of this recipe. i have made this twice and the bread is amazing! the dough is always soft and very sticky, making it very difficult to work with until i finally get it in the pans. i made a similar white bread recipe and the consistency was the same. try this website, i use it all the time. as i was waiting for my daughter to get to the cottage late this evening, i was looking at bread recipes and thought i would make some fresh bread for the gang in the am. i want to try that myself as the 2 loaves give me bread too big for my toaster. this is perfect, i love to make it for my guy ❤️ we started making this bread during the pandemic. i got all the ingredients to make this recipe cause my kids love bread, and overall it will be cheaper to make bread instead of buying it. love this recipe it is absolutely the best i’ve made and i have made a lot of yeast breads over the years. been through four different bread recipes in the last month and i’ve stopped at this one as i need to look no further. i absolutely love this recipe and so does my partner and anyone i give the spare loaf to. i only had multigrain bread flour in the house so i chose to use that. i found this bread easy to make and the finished product is very tasty. it would be helpful to have the half recipe ingredients also listed i found a lovely website that divides and multiplies recipes, and can adjust for different size pans. and i think that smaller ones would have been too small to hold the bread well. i have begun making bread for myself and my wife over the past year or so and have been looking for a recipe that would be able to duplicate my favorite “french bread”. so easy and it comes out looking like i bought it at a bakery! i have made it 3 times now, and a part of me wants to try and experiment with different recipes, but i love this so much that i end up making this instead. and that’s less likely to be a problem with the recipe than it is with my pans. i have learned that it is hard to cut a straight slice with the bread being so high so i take half the loaf, cut it down the middle, and then slice them into half slices. thank you for the recipe, i made half the recipe to make just 1 loaf., it came out beautifully, but i see that it is not as soft on the next day as it was on the day i baked it. i t was soft the day i baked and a couple of days after that. it is the best bread i’ve ever made and i swear it gets better every time i make it. so i kneaded it by hand for 10 minutes and then followed the recipe as is the rest of the way. my dad’s response was ” this is the kind of bread that will make you fat”. i made this recipe yesterday and it was a huge hit with my family. i have made this recipe multiple times now and it is still my favorite one to make. i froze the second loaf (after it was baked) and the texture improved a bit and was much easier to slice. my son is disappointed when we run out in between and i have to pull a store loaf from the freezer, lol! this is the best recipe the bread is delicious light and it is fluffy. this is the tastiest, lightest fluffiest loaf i have ever baked! i saw this recipe today and i made it this morning, just about taking it out of the oven???????????????? this is my first tryout and i for it so on point. thus, i have been on a search for the bread recipe of my dreams for most of my adult life. i just made this, and it’s one of the best loaves of bread i’ve ever made. i made a loaf of bread today….similar recipe except less water, and used oil instead of butter. i make this all the time – so easy and my family loves it! since i tried the basic recipe and it turned out so well, i decided to make cinnamon raisin and five seed bread loaves. i tried a recipe very similar to this one yesterday and my loaves came out very good. i’m a pretty experienced bread baker and i have to say this may be the best white bread i’ve ever made! this recipe has its rating for a reason, so persevere and you will be grateful for the results. i have made this recipe three times and it is the best. this is my third time ever baking bread of any kind, and i had some issues, but in the end, it all worked out! thank you so much… i don’t have us cup measures, and wanted to halve the recipe… it was a conversion nightmare… thank you so much! i have used it three times already and the result is always the same – perfect loaves. i followed the recipe to a t and have had to add a ton more flour than originally asked for because it was so sticky and not even forming into a dough. i immediately halved it and replaced most of the water for buttermilk (except for what bloomed the yeast). #carbsforever hi would you please send me the recipe for my favourite white bread recipe…looks so easy i would like to make it but want to make sure the measurements are correct for 1 loaf. dude, this is the second of your bread recipes that i’ve made in a week (cause everyone is baking in quarantine) and it’s amazing! this was exactly my experience and i ended up kneading the bread on the counter top instead. the bread is beautiful, thanks for a great recipe and instructions. i just read your question and decided to make 1 of the loaves a cinnamon swirl. definitely the best recipe for white bread and i’ve baked a few loaves in my life time but still this is my favorite since i discovered it. this came together beautifully, though it took longer on the dough hook and in the oven. i halved the recipe for my first try as i didn’t want to waste it if i failed in this covid season. i made it for my son-his store sandwich bread got moldy and due to coronavirus, didnt want to send him to the store. the dough for this bread is very easy to handle, and it rises well (i do add a couple tablespoons of wheat gluten; i think it helps a little). i have been trying to bake a good white bread for sandwiches and such. i baked bread for the very first time following this recipe and it turned out like a dream! but the white bread recipe i have used was not to great. i only had an 8.5″ pan and my bread turned out a bit too big for it but this wasn’t an issue for me. i made it and accidentally omitted the salt entirely. it was so easy and definitely worth the effort. the first time i had used a different recipe and it came out rather disappointing, to be honest. oh my gosh, i think this really is the best homemade white bread ever! i made this recipe today and the bread was absolutely amazing!!! this is the bread recipe i will use from now on. very nice bread – made the 1/2 batch for a single loaf to try it out. i used bread flour and followed the half measurements in the comments to a t. i used 4.5 cups of flour and had to add 3 tbsp of water to get to the right consistency. i used our kitchenaid mixer and the recipe states to knead for 7 to 10 minutes. so we made this recipe for the first time a few days ago. thank you for doing the trial and error work to perfect this recipe! i broke out my digital scale and weighed a slice of normal sunbeam bread and it was 1 1/8 ounce….my slice which is almost the exact same thickness was 1 7/8 ounce. if i were to use it to make a turkey sandwich, it would probably be too much bread for the wife. i do want to thank you immensely for taking the time to try and help me out. i could be wrong lol i thought this was a great recipe and really enjoyed the bread. i’m using instant yeast, should i still add this to the water beforehand? i was careful to follow the directions to proof the yeast and fortunately it was fine. my first time … i was a little dubious at first, but my bread turned out just like the picture !!! i am so lucky to have had a bosch universal mixer (called the bosch magic mixer in 1950 plus. hi evelyn, i usually slice the loaf, then wrap it all up together in plastic wrap, then foil and place in a freezer bag, that way i can thaw slices as needed. i haven’t made homemade bread in years, and i decided to give this recipe a try. just made this bread and its the most amazingly good recipe i have made so far and i  will use it from now on! so enjoyed, i was looking forward fresh bread in the morning. it is the only white bread recipe i make. i agree that this is probably the best recipe for classic white bread. thank you for your help in advance and for the awesome recipe ❤️ i am awaiting the dough to rise thank you for your recipe…. i didnt use as much flour as the recipe called for, but other than that i followed it to a t and it turned out perfect!! i had to use slightly more flour and knead it longer as the humidity in my country is quite high.

i used the smaller ingredients that are listed in the comments for some one wanting to make it in a bread machine. love how easy it it and the fact that is doesn’t call for bread flour. i only used 8 cups of flour and the dough was still too much for the 4.5 qt bowl of my kitchenaid mixer. i used a larger loaf pan today on my second attempt, and it is still a huge loaf and is very tall over the top of the pan. we made egg salad sandwiches with this bread, and i also toasted it which was good with butter. this sounds like the bread i made years ago, but i lost the recipe! i make sourdough for toast and stuff but the crust is a little too tough for my little guys sandwiches. question – i forgot to put it in a rectangle and then roll it up before letting it rise for the second time. this is the first time and first recipe that i was successful in baking true white bread. this is the easiest and best bread recipe i found in a long time. it was very easy, delicious and i love the fact that i can make a bread for my kids without many harmful ingredients. i made this recipe and i have to admit it was the best bread homemade that i have ever made. the bread tastes great, but is denser than i would like. i have been making this recipe for a year now and i love it! my question is this.. if i wanted to make a loaf and then use the remainder of the dough for dinner  rolls or cinnamon rolls.. i just tried it in our convection oven for the first time, and it is just as good! this is the best recipe for white bread that i have ever used. we actually rolled it out on a floured dish towel and pulled up the sides to roll it. i need a recipe for 50kg flour to make white bread in commercial quantity. i accidentally bought 2, 5 pound bags of bread flour for my holiday baking and am looking for a way to use it up. i made 1 loaf of this yesterday and thought it had great taste and a nice soft texture. i made this bread this evening and totally forgot the butter in the dough! i love this bread recipe and have made 4 batches in the last week. i had tried so many recipes for toast bread and this by far is the best one! your recipe is the best and the taste is out of this world i have a kitchen aid mixer and it is so nice with your recipe. i used this recipe and the results were very good. i love this recipe it has got me into bread making again iy lasts for ever and dose not get to dry tyabk you for the recipe loved this recipe! well i made this recipe today and it turned out dense and chewy…. i have made many bread recipes before and they never specified the bottom rack. i am a terrible cook and even i was able to make this, it even looked like the picture haha i baked this bread yesterday. also, i don’t have a mixer so i knead by hand and its not that difficult, totally worth the effort. i love the simplicity of the video thanks but can i add milk and eggs to my bread. i have searched and searched for a white bread recipe and they all disappointed me, until this recipe! i just made this and this is the fluffiest, most perfect white bread i’ve ever made. other than that i am not sure what else the bread is supposed to do…haha, just guessing! i set it to the dough cycle so it does the first rise in the machine. my kitchen aid mixer is on the fritz, so i guess i’ll have to hand knead it. halved the recipe and made just one loaf to see what it is like. i made this bread and it was great! i made bread for the first time yesterday using this recipe and it turned out fantastic! easy recipe i made 3 loaves from the same quantity because my bread tins were not of 9″ but more the better nobody’s complaining everyone loved it thankyou for sharing the recipe with us so i’m new to bread making and i accidentally ordered the big, hearth bread pans, which are 12x5x2.something. i decided to do a braided method rather than just putting it into the bread pan. have been looking all over for a fine crumb bread and finally this is it.after making many different recipes of bread i must say this is my favorite. just made this using half wheat flour (ran out of white in the middle of making) and it came out just as well, this is a fantastic recipe! michelle, i made this bread this weekend and didn’t get a chance to snap a picture, because it disappeared! this is the first bread recipe i have ever tried and i’ve made it multiple times. my husband bought me a 6qt kitchenaid mixer for christmas last year and this was the first bread i made in it! i ended up using 4 1/2 cups plus a tablespoon or so of flour and the dough was perfect. i am a tank amatuer bread baker, but this was so simple and the result is nothing short of amazing! i made this yesterday and it is awesome. i have tried many recipes and this is by far the best. this is honestly the best bread recipe i have ever tried. i made this recipe today as written, and it was marvelous! i baked bread just a few days ago using the same packet, so it is unlikely that the yeast isn’t active anymore. i recently moved to a new town at 7000 ft. has this recipe been adjusted for the altitude already, i didn’t see any mention of it, but it does look yummy. i made ham sandwiches for dinner and toasted the bread it has a great flavor. i have tried other sandwich bread recipes before and this is the best. it rose beautifully and i made 3 loaves out of the recipe. i followed the recipe exactly and my bread turned out wonderfully. not only was it very easy to make, the texture on this bread is superb. i noticed you said you can freeze the bread for up to a month but can you freeze the dough before baking it? i used this recipe but did all of the mixing and kneading by hand. so, a loaf is in the oven and at this point, i’d be willing to make this again just for the aromatherapy. i made this last week for sandwich bread and am so pleased! this is hands down the tastiest white bread i have ever made. if anyone has not tried baking bread this is the recipe to start with. i made half the recipe and baked it in a pullman pan. anyway, going into this i was fully prepared for the dough to not rise, or if it rose, it wouldn’t bake right, and if it baked right, it wouldn’t taste right. i then use my muffin pan and make rolls with the other half of the dough. i also make 1 and a half times the recipe so i have some to fry while the loaves are baking. this recipe was recommended by my sister as the easiest bread to make!! it reminds me of the bread from a bakery near my grandmother’s house when i was a child. i was so desperate for a piece of bread i sliced it 10 minutes out of the oven. this is the most amazing bread i have ever made! this is the best recipe i have not made bread since i was at home and made bricks . thank-you lynn r i have no idea what happened but i followed the recipe to a t and it was super watery. the second time i made this recipe, i only made a half recipe since i had all that bread and calzone in my freezer. i did it w/o machine, and put ice in the oven for some steam and used active yeast. i will make this over and over. not the greatest, i made it and all i can taste is the huge amount of flour in this recipe. so i made one loaf white, and the other i made a cinnamon roll mixture and blended it in, perfection????this recipe is amazing. i am so excited that i was able to make this recipe and it raised. i did have to use a little bit of olive oil for the butter since i ran out of butter. only change i made was to add a bit of light brown sugar to the melted butter for the final coating. i used a calibrated thermometer to check the water temp as well. another coffeecake i love to use with the extra bread dough is a pecan coffeecake, similar to sara lee’s. so i took your recipe one step further and punched out the dough into a rectangle 6x folding it in thirds each time. i made it with all purpose flour the first time and bread flour the second. this is the first time i am baking bread. it works out to 1 pullman loaf and 1 regular, though my next batch may be a pulman and either hamburger or sub rolls i have made alot of bread in my life.. but i have to say this is the best recipe i have ever made. i will be making this recipe again, and i recommend it for others???? i had halved this recipe and it is by far the best tasting bread i’ve made thus far. this recipe is going in my cupboard and i will make it often, that’s for sure! i am amazed that i really did it and i thank you for the recipe. i will play with the recipe and see if i can adjust is to taste without compromising on the other features. i have been looking for the best cinnamon ri roll and bread recipes for a lot of years and every time i make yours they turn out beautiful! only recipe change i made was to replace some of the water with milk and part of the sugar with some honey. i halved the recipe and make it in my bread machine. i have tried many bread recipes before and this is by far the best, so much so that i’ve stopped searching. i trying this bread for the first time and i hope it will turn out as good as yours. hi kelly, i do not have a separate recipe written; simply divide all of the ingredient amounts in half and you’ll be good to go! i let the yeast, honey and water get all bubbly before i added everything else, to be sure it was working properly. and thank you for taking the time to leave a review, it’s much appreciated! i’m afraid to try to do this recipe again because the water was to much for the 9 cups of flour and i put more flour but failed bread just shouldn’t be this good lol. i made this recipe but cut it in half. hi, my bread is rising in the pans and i have a question about the oven rack. just made this now and it is the most incredibly delicious bread i think i’ve ever made!! i have baked bread all my life (raised on a farm) this is by far the easiest recipe and one of the most tasty! i have never made bread in my life and it turned out so good!! i did use bread flour since i bought it before i found the recipe and it still worked. (i mixed and kneaded by hand in a huge bowl) i ended up using a total of 7.5 cups of flour in order to achieve the sticky but not tacky dough. i used more flour to be able to handle the dough and roll it into a rectangle to make a loaf. thank you so much for putting the time and effort into posting this recipe. thanks so much for taking the time to stop back and leave a review, it is much appreciated! this is the white bread recipe for which i have been searching. i have plenty of the no-knead rustic loaves in my recipe file, but i was looking for a soft, fluffy white bread for pb&j; this definitely fits the bill! i halved the recipe and it still turned out great! so beautiful and easy thank you again for this recipe is a keeper! i just made this recipe and it is seriously amazing. thats when i came across this bread loaf recipe and i have to tell you that never ever have i seen thins kind of perfection in my breads. i suspect this was due to the fact that i let it rise a bit too long, and the bread was pretty tall going in. thanks i made this bread again today yard the loaves came out huge. it looks like the recipe you wrote is very convincing and i need to try to follow it at home. yesterday my daugther-in-law and i made a batch of this bread. here is the post i wrote about it: omg this came out so good!!! i have the recipe first time round to make 1 loaf and it was so popular i made the full amount of dough second time round and made 1 loaf and some slider buns and everything was gone in a day. during hurricane harvey there was no bread to be had  so i saw your recipe and decided to give it a try it was awesome so thank you so much  all i can say is this bread is fabulous       i have made no knead  bread in the past but i will never do that again. this recipe was easy to follow and the bread..well…you’ll just have to make it for yourself. by far the best and most “no-fail” recipe for white bread i have found! it is a lot to put in the standing mixer, but i added the flour slowly and kept the speed low. my husband does not like a hard crust and this bread was so good. thank you for the recipe i definitely will be making this again. i did it entirely by hand and ended up with 3 loaves, the 3rd baked in a small iron skillet. i followed the recipe and it turned out perfect. but i made this bread and this was the first time i got bread right! i am in the process of making this and my hopes for a successful outcome are slim. this is just the ticket for my bread loving toddler. i made this recipe for the first time today! i just made this bread and it is very good however the crust is very hard…came out golden brown though. it is without a doubt the best white bread i have ever tasted. i just made this and it is incredible! i have to say this is a stand-out recipe. the bread itself is delicious but it didn’t come out quite like i had planned. once i took it out of the pan, i thought “this is a little heavy and feels a little dense…” and it was (but still so yummy). i just got one and wanting to try this recipe in it. i have been trying for ages to find the perfect white bread recipe that wouldn’t give me short, dense loaves and your recipe did not disappoint! that’s the best sandwich bread ever 🙂 i made this today as my first trial with bread making and it could not have been easier or come out better! i made bread for the first time and i am proud it turn out great. i even made a sandwich with it and didn’t have to rinse it down with a fluid. just roll it up nice and tight… it’s the method i see most often for shaping loaves of bread dough! after reading the article, feels like i should give this a try and if successful, stop buying from outside. but my bread always comes out very dense inside  i made this today, and it was great! as for shaping it into a baguette, i honestly don’t know if that would work, as this is definitely formulated to rise high and be a very soft, light bread. i live at 8,000 feet and have only perfected one bread recipe. i love the process of baking bread and the smell of it baking. i use hydronated water in my yeast, it seems to make the yeast work better nine-ten cups of flour quite a bit for a standard mixer, isn’t it? thanks for the “favorite white bread recipe.”     it is the best recipe i have yet tried.

ingredients 1 package (1/4 ounce) active dry yeast 3 tablespoons plus 1/2 teaspoon sugar 2-1/4 cups warm water (110° to 115°) 1 tablespoon salt 6-1/4 to 6- 1 cup water, lukewarm ; 1 tablespoon granulated sugar ; 2½ teaspoons (1 package) dry active yeast (not rapid rise-see notes for rapid rise step 1: assemble bread ingredients. you’ll need warm water, granulated sugar, instant or active dry yeast, salt, vegetable or canola oil and, white bread recipe with milk, white bread recipe with milk, simple bread recipe, easy white bread recipe 1 loaf, 5 ingredient white bread recipe.

ingredients 4½ teaspoons (14 g) instant yeast, two 0.25-ounce packets ¾ cup (808 ml) + 2⅔ cups warm water, divided ¼ cup (52 g) granulated instructions combine 2 cups flour, sugar, dry yeast and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer and stir until blended. beat 2 minutes at medium ingredients. us customary metric. 1x 2x 3x ; 2 cups warm water (105-115 degrees) ; 1 tablespoons active dry yeast* ; 1/4 cup honey or sugar ; 2, homemade bread recipes with yeast, how to make bread step by step, sandwich bread recipe, french bread recipe. directionsdissolve sugar and yeast in 1/4 cup warm water in a large bowl; let stand 5 minutes.lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. place dough in a large bowl coated with cooking spray, turning to coat top. uncover dough, and punch dough down. preheat oven to 425xb0.

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