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whether it’s folded into party dip or served fresh in a salad, we can’t get enough of this versatile veggie. ahead, discover the 49 best spinach recipes to make whenever you’re craving some of the green goodness. this spanakopita is crowned with a ruffly ring of crisp phyllo pastry. poaching eggs right in the stew is so obviously genius, we are still trying to figure out why we didn’t think of this recipe sooner. our version of this dip (called borani esfanaaj in iran) uses spinach, but it can be made with cooked beets or roasted eggplant, too. this recipe will make more rag㹠than you need, but the leftovers can be repurposed as a quick topper for pasta on another night.

you can swap other greens, like spinach, for the chard in this bean soup recipe. you could use other greens, like kale or collard greens—just be sure to cook them in the soup for 5 minutes before serving, since they’re more hearty than the spinach. adding spinach that is too wet could upset the creamy harmony of the rest of the ingredients. this recipe uses obe ata as the base for a spicy, warming chicken and sweet potato stew.â  flavor your spinach with melted leeks and scallions before baking the eggs on top. stir frequently over low to medium heat and it will turn out just fine.â  not only does this spinach dip give you an excellent reason to break out the pita chips, it also delivers an entire serving of greens. the recipe calls for kale, but you can swap it out for spinach to get a more mild flavor.â  this classic epitomizes the range of flavors and textures in hillstone’s salads, hitting every note on the salty-sweet-chewy-crunchy spectrum.

soups, salads & sides. 11. chicken gnocchi soup (olive garden copycat). 35 best spinach recipes – chicken gnocci soup. here are all the best spinach recipes to add loads of leafy greens to your diet! try it in soups, salads, pasta, pizza and more. what to serve with sautéed spinach honey mustard chicken cilantro lime shrimp garlic herb butter prime rib skirt steak twice baked southwester sweet, .

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