strategic risk register template

strategic risk register template is a strategic risk register sample that gives infomration on strategic risk register design and format. when designing strategic risk register example, it is important to consider strategic risk register template style, design, color and theme. some define them as the risk of a strategy failure (strategic risk) versus a failure to execute a strategy (operational risk). i prefer to take a practical approach and focus on the audience. as part of this, you consider whether the risk requires, for example, the attention or direct involvement of the ceo, a divisional head or a project lead. based on my experience, a strategic risk register should generally include risks that could affect achievement of the strategic plan or that could impact the entire organisation. you generally shouldn’t have divisional or project-level risks in your strategic risk register. this ensures that executives’ time is spent on the right things, while the rest is managed at the divisional or business unit level, regardless of the risk type (financial, compliance, etc.).

strategic risk register format

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instead of striving to be a ‘risk management purist’, consider the following two things. first, focus on the objective of your risk assessment rather than the definitions, process and documents. if you jot down a few risks on the back of an envelope and discuss them with your leadership team over a weekly cup of coffee, and this works for your business and your stakeholders, then don’t feel the need to change anything. second, if your organisation has lower risk maturity but wants to improve, consider starting with a strategic risk assessment. i prefer the top-down approach because i think it’s a better way of driving a positive risk culture. also, it’s easier to get one risk register done right before moving on to completing multiple / divisional registers, rather than the other way around.