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supply chain risk template is a supply chain risk sample that gives infomration on supply chain risk design and format. when designing supply chain risk example, it is important to consider supply chain risk template style, design, color and theme. the shortage of raw materials and the continuous rise in their prices, to give just one example, are part of a familiar scenario. when we speak of supply risk, we are referring to the potential occurrence of a problem along a company’s supply chain, such that the provision of a good or service is prevented. one of these is the lack of experience of the people in the company who – especially in smaller companies – do not know how to deal with risk. a sudden halt in the supplier’s production due to a lack of steel puts the furniture company in difficulty, unable to ship its products. while it is true that anticipating an interruption of supply relationships is very difficult, it is also true that there are solutions to reduce the damage.

supply chain risk format

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in the case of the furniture company we have described, such an approach would have involved, for example, the creation of a list of backup suppliers. by combining ai algorithms and a database with more than 400 million companies, we enable every organisation to identify those with which it can reduce the risk of supply and its effects. what’s more, matchplat’s ai also makes it possible to compare different countries, identifying those in which the production centres of a specific good are concentrated. in this way, it is possible to orient oneself towards the market with the most opportunities. creating a backup list of suppliers, which can be drawn on in times of need, is therefore the first step for the procurement department to manage a crisis. the explore platform we have developed in matchplat allows you to identify only companies with specific characteristics, so that you can create a list of suppliers in line with your needs, in a short time and at affordable conditions.