swedish ginger cookies

they are either eaten plain, or with a sprinkle of turbinado sugar before baking. i made these and they’re fantastic! you can taste all the spices in every bite. i’ve made the finnish piparkakut, but haven’t tried these yet! i used a little less flour and sugar, and didn’t have any treacle. also i forgot to add the salt, and used vanilla extract instead of orange (we had lemon extract but didn’t want to open a new bottle). will leave it for 2 days before i follow the recipe for cooking them. looking forward to baking them, and my wife and kids eating them. do you monitor your oven temperature with a thermometer? i think they need to be thinner. i’m going to test this in my next batch.

i’ve tried a few recipes and had “ok” results. and, if you want to try them a little softer in the middle, just eat then the same day you make them! by tomorrow, they’ll be as crunchy as the edges! thanks doug i need to make a correction in my previous post. again, i can’t begin to thank you for the recipe. i used cake flour instead of all purpose and added 2 tbls as per instructions on the cake flour box. i reduced the sugar to 4 tablespoons and i still think they might be a bit too sweet for my uncle. but they’re wonderful! i was skeptical about the amount of salt called for but it’s perfect. i broke one on the table like the swedish tradition and it actually did break! he said “these are some of the best peperkakor i’ve had” which is high praise. he said he ate 8 in one sitting which is also high praise for him.

i was really hoping to avoid asking you to buy a specialty flour just for these ginger snaps. if you are dying to make these and don’t want to pick up a bag of pastry flour, go ahead and use the all-purpose flour/cornstarch combination. they are still delicious, but they will be slightly thicker and have a more chewy texture throughout than the pastry flour version. they are truly one of a kind. i’m glad you liked them and thank you for the feedback! mine only get as thin as the ones in the photo when i use pastry flour. they are still delicious with all purpose flour or a combination of cornstarch and all purpose flour, just not as thin. i will try again with pastry flour as they did not get as crispy as my son likes. i realize it’s probably sacrilegious in terms of baking but we’ve always made our gingersnaps with crisco shortening and they are quite delicious! these are definitely more tender than the really crisp variety of ginger snaps. if you bake them a little longer they will be crispier. i followed the recipe using the flour/corn starch. i love the tip about flattening with the glass.

i made them thin to 1/4 of an inch. i made them for christmas, but will have to make more as they are almost gone! i have tried for years to get the “snap” in ginger snaps, never could get it. i will probably add just a wee bit more of ginger next time! thank you for this, these are great. i used the bottom of a pint glass that had been dredged in sugar. i decreased the baking soda by 1/2 teaspoon, my thinking was this would allow them to be very flat with little rise. and i increased the ginger to 1 teaspoon, for a little extra ginger punch. i have been searching for traditional scandinavian baking recipes and am so glad that i found your site! hi dorothy, i’m so glad you enjoyed the ginger snaps! kristi really want to make these but pastry flour is exhorbitantly expensive. can i use cornflour instead of corn starch with the all purpose (uk plain) flour? i’m inclined to suggest that you use all ap flour instead.

pepparkakor are swedish ginger cookies traditionally served at christmas time. they are less sweet and have a slightly more complex flavor. ingredients ; 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened ; 1 ½ cups granulated sugar ; 3 tablespoons molasses ; 1 large egg ; 2 tablespoons water or milk pepparkakor is a swedish ginger cookie like a ginger snap often made for christmas cookies. a flavorful, thin cookie will become a favorite this holiday, traditional swedish cookies, traditional swedish cookies, ikea ginger thins recipe, pepparkakor recipe with orange, pepparkakor meaning.

they are thin, really thin, as many swedish style ginger snaps are. but instead of being hard and crispy all the way through, these are slightly pepparkakor (swedish ginger cookies) starshaped pepparkakor . writer peter jon lindberg’s swedish grandmother alice lindberg made these cookies each ingredients 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup molasses 1 large egg, room temperature 3-1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon ground ginger 1, thin ginger cookies recipe, where to buy pepparkakor cookies, vegan pepparkakor recipe, scandinavian gingerbread vs regular gingerbread.

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