Training manual template

Training manual template is a sample manual document that shows the training process, training procedure of training people on performing various tasks. A well drafted training manual sample can help business and managers to educate and training staff in an efficient and effective manner.

Training Manual Overview

Training manual needs to understand the roles of supervisor and mid managers. Studies show that the role of the middle manager play important roles in transferring knowledge and skills. The middle manager is often assigned the task of choosing the right staff, orienting and training new staff, ensuring quality service delivery and maintaining low turnover while maintaining high morale. The format and content of training manual need to get the review and feedback from supervisors.

The training manual needs to understand the learning style of adults. Studies shows that there are basically three learning style for adult learners: Kinetic-Tactile Learner, Auditory Learner and Visual Learner. Kinetic-Tactile Learner learn by doing, hands-on learning, stays in motion, likes physical rewards, enjoys doing activities; Auditory Learner learns by listening, talks to self aloud, easily distracted by noise, whispers to self while reading, enjoys listening, likes learning tapes, Visual Learner learns by watching, likes to observe, daydreams when bored, memorizes by seeing, usually good spellers, finds verbal instructions difficult. It is crucial to know the learning style of the majorities of the target group before the training manual design.

Training Manual Template

There is free manual template you can download for reference, however, you may create your own sample training manual template based on business needs and requirements using software such as Word or Excel. During the development process, it is important to consider the training manual format, training manual layout and training manual outline.

The first key part in training manual template is training manual overview. In the section, you need to state the training manual general rules and regulation, the training manual objectives and policy etc.

The second key part in training manual sample is training details. In the section, you need show the details steps and procedure on performing various activities. It is important to use clear and simple language to demonstrate the steps and actions. You may use flow chart, picture or diagram to demonstrate the process.

The third part in training manual example is the irregularities and exceptions. In the section, you may list the common questions and answers, you may also include the special situation and how to handle the situation etc.