vegan christmas desserts

coconut-nutty scrumptiousness with a hint of rum extract that makes these little guys pop for the holidays. make several batches of these gingerbread-spiced pecans, put them in adorable little packages tied with a bow and then brace yourself for the gratitude. it’s in the cake, the filling and the frosting. add a splash of bourbon and this dessert is more than ready for christmas. you don’t usually expect a rum cake to be chocolaty and have a citrus zing — but that’s what makes this recipe so special. this recipe is easy and vegan, and since you’re being so good, don’t hold back on adding a few wee splashes of whiskey to the mix. these cupcakes deliver just that — the cake and the frosting are loaded with that spiced up holiday treat.

imagine the warm spices of gingerbread cake made even warmer and cozier with a lovely chai frosting. mingled in with delightful cranberries, pineapple and marshmallow. how’d you like to wake up on christmas morning and be greeted with homemade gingerbread donuts topped with a light, whipped frosting? turn the tables on that shade and make a gingerbread crumble instead. plums are a classic holiday ingredient but when you add chai into the mix, this cake becomes epic. it’s the holidays and i’m out of rum! chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and the best part? the flavors really are surprisingly perfect together!

make sure it is actually vegan and not just dairy-free. it is made with whole wheat flour, and instead of regular cane sugar this cake is sweetened with coconut sugar. the filling is made with sweet potato and coconut cream and sets in the fridge. this fudge is a great vegan christmas dessert with a chocolate peppermint taste. this is a dessert hummus made with chickpeas and sweet ingredients that give it a delicious snickerdoodle taste.

this trifle is sweet and has a beautiful presentation. this cake also has a coconut cream icing that is piped around the cake, and you can also decorate the top of the cake with fresh cranberries and fresh mint leaves. this sweet candy is made with a delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter. the base of this vegan chocolate cheesecake is made with a mix of nuts, dates, cacao powder and more. just make sure you check that the sugar used in the jam is vegan if that is a concern for you. amazon and the amazon logo are trademarks of, inc., or its affiliates.

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