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walmart risk management template is a walmart risk management sample that gives infomration on walmart risk management design and format. when designing walmart risk management example, it is important to consider walmart risk management template style, design, color and theme. walmart’s ethics and compliance program is risk-based and tailored to address the needs of our global business. we strive for constant two-way communication and maintain close relationships with core business functions to ensure our program is successful in practice. the code applies to all associates of walmart and its subsidiaries and to walmart’s and its subsidiaries’ board members, unless otherwise noted, when they are acting in their capacity as directors. through our annual integrity in action awards, walmart recognizes associates who demonstrate an exceptional level of integrity and who promote our ethical culture in the workplace.the integrity in action award is walmart’s global recognition program that celebrates associates who exemplify our values and champion a culture of integrity. building trust in our business, and with our associates and customers, is foundational to creating the culture of ethics, compliance, and integrity that we need in order to win with our customers and other stakeholders.

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we are dedicated to a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. the health and safety of our associates and customers is not just a business need — it’s a societal imperative. our expectations are stated in our standards for suppliers; we use a risk-based approach to monitoring suppliers’ facilities for compliance with our standards and we use insights to align purchasing decisions with our responsible sourcing objectives. the policy applies to our associates and to tpis acting on walmart’s behalf; our standards for suppliers require the same of walmart’s product suppliers. industry data for retail charts is based on naics 452311 (45291 in 2018) – warehouse clubs and supercenters.

effective preparation and response to disasters helps walmart continue to serve the basic needs of associates, customers, and communities and builds trust in our company. we also prepare our physical facilities to help lessen the impact of disaster events on our physical facilities so that we can maintain or resume operations for our customers swiftly and safely in the event of a disaster. when a disaster is larger in scale, we activate an expanded team of decision makers, responders, and resources in our emergency support functions (esfs).7 associates from teams including people, supply chain, operations, facilities, and convene with the eoc team and work together to ensure open communications and a comprehensive and consistent response from the company.

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our global emergency management team works with our facilities and people teams to check on the well-being of our associates and their families and to connect them to resources they may need in the wake of a disaster. because each disaster is unique, our and emergency management teams coordinate with response organizations on the ground and relay real-time information back to our eoc. 1. walmart’s donations toward disaster recovery and relief efforts fluctuate from year to year in response to the needs of our communities and the frequency and severity of disaster events.

with 1.6 million associates working in more than 3,500 facilities, the company proves that big risks across several lines of insurance come with the territory. max koonce, senior director, risk management and clm fellow since 2010 explains how the company takes an active role in managing its risks. as a company, we work very closely with our operations, safety, and risk control teams to ensure we have a safe place for our associates to work and our customers to shop. we have a significant in-house operation, which includes a wholly owned tpa subsidiary, claims management, inc. we have 600 associates in that organization who are responsible for the claims management process. on the general liability side, we manage claims in 49 states with a few one-offs and one state managed through outside administrators.

a. we see the gambit of property-casualty claims that arise out of a retail operation. we likewise see the occasional claims out of the operation of our transportation division/trucking fleet, and with the operation of our stores, distribution centers, and clubs, we see our share of general retail operation claims from customer as well as associate work-related injuries. that is most readily apparent in the safety record of our trucking fleet. a. my overarching focus is to help ensure that our division is prepared to support the company’s business today and into the future from a risk management standpoint. data analytics is a significant component, not only from the standpoint of company retail operations but also from our claims operations and the results we are experiencing, to ensure the appropriate direction.